Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Musings

So I'm sitting in a gym watching 8th grade volleyball and realized I hadn't blogged.  Since I love you all, I will take a few moments and pen a short Muse on my phone since life will be busy when I get back to the chalet.
I was starving since I essentially had no lunch so I picked up a snack.  Balance you know... a doughnut hole and a super blend drink.  Heh
So how's life?  Good.  And busy.  And sometimes not too busy.  I saw my "big" sister today.  That always makes me happy.  Apparently it makes her happy too.  She was beside herself with a story I told.  And to be truthful it was a very funny story I could never share.  
When's Arbor Day? Well here at the Chairman and Co. it was last week.  I singlehandedly planted three blue spruce and let me tell you those buggers were pokey and heavy.  
I have discovered that powder dishwasher detergent and powdered laundry soap work better for me.  This has been a public service announcement.  

So I'll quit blogging and a be a good parent and watch the action here in the gym.  I'm slightly distracted with the two boxes of doughnuts next to me.  I think they're for the team, not the middle-aged mothers.  
So here's a few things that made me smile. 


  1. It's illegal to mention a funny story and not tell it.

  2., Jim planted 25, but they were a lot smaller than yours.