Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday Musings

Ha!  Only one day late.  And maybe a dollar short.  It has been so beautiful outside that I hate to come into the house to sit in a slightly-dark office and blog.  There's weeds to pull and flowers to admire and a garden to watch grow.  Not to mention windows and screens to wash and trimming that needs to be done on some shrubs.  Life gets in the way of recording life.

We've had some good days.  Our older two have been out of school a couple days due to testing.  It's nice to have more one-on-one time with the MYP.  This Friday, the "baby" is off and the other two are in school.

A robin came and built a nest right outside of my kitchen window.  I was intrigued watching the building process.  Then they left and never returned.  I questioned this to the Chairman.  And his reply, 'don't you think they saw the cat?'.  Um.  Probably.  There are two fledged robins in our yard so the rotten cat hasn't killed all the birdies.

Nurture vs. nature.  I always find that subject interesting.  Recently, daughter #1 was with an Asian family that uses chopsticks as a normal part of their dining.  She came home and said she wants to use them too.  And she uses them with ease nearly every time she makes a snack for herself.  Me on the other hand stabs pieces of food and jams them in my mouth and the other chop stick falls down in the process.

There's a surgery in our future here at the Chairman and Co.  Daughter #1 inherited some bunions. Yes, I said plural.  Both feet give her pain and she will have them removed later next month.  It will be a difficult experience.  It will test the abilities of patience.  It will be a long and difficult road.  And I'm sure it will be for daughter #1 too.  heh.

Thankfully, my "funk" is gone that I mentioned last week.  Yes, life can be challenging and hard, but when I step back and look at the whole picture it is utterly beautiful.  I love the "Life is Good" t-shirts because it is... good!

I won't type more words because I don't have more to say.  I'll check my camera roll and see if there's anything there.  Happy week ahead!

Simba brought home breakfast a few mornings ago instead of the usual mouse.

feels familiar...

I'm not sure what this is but it sure is pretty in the garden

where I go for therapy...



  1. That flower might be a lupine??

  2. Yes, it is a lupine. I'm a bit envious since they won't grow in our yard.
    And, I love the sneeze quote. Is there a problem if I snitch it?
    And, my daughter who is not Asian can use chopsticks like she was born with them. She wanted to, however, and when that kid wants to figure something out bad enough, she generally does.

  3. The understanding women quote is the best!

  4. I've tried to grow lupine too .... unsuccessfully. Lucky you!!

  5. We have tons off lupine here and it's been blooming and blooming. ☺
    Also- I second that sneeze blurb. Heh.