Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday Musings

Good Monday Musing!  I am so very glad you can't see the author today.  You see I've been working in our unfinished part of the basement this morning that we call the "dirty room".  It's living up to its title, but the Chairman would prefer we call it the unfinished area so that it won't be so dirty.  You see I have a man coming to look at our well pump and I'm proud enough that I don't want him to think our "dirty room" is dirty.  However, his beautiful bride is dirty as I type.  Rats-nest hair mingled with no shower.  P.  U.

So what a whirlwind of special days here for the Chef at the Chairman and Co.  I'm usually the one serving and giving to my family.  I love my role.  I go from cook to laundress to hair dresser to electrician to landscaper to taxi driver to nurse to... you know how it is. I felt almost silly about being on the receiving end for two days within one week.

When the MYP were MSC (many small children), the Chairman didn't make a big deal of Mother's Day at all.  In fact, I got one drawing from the one in preschool with a cup of dirt and a little leaf poking out.  That's all.  I felt bad for feeling a bit bad and the Chairman sensed he was supposed to do more.  Well let me tell you.  He makes a big fuss over Mother's Day and the MYP also do too.  It was like birthday #2 all over again.  Good thing I didn't get another year older just four days later.  Heh.

All silliness aside.  I will never, ever take for granted the privilege I have to be a mom to these three souls here and the one that left too soon.  I love my role as a mother and know this is my highest calling.  Some days I feel like I have the bullet-proof hat on and I'm down in the trenches.  Some days I feel like it is all sunshine, rainbows and cotton candy.  And some days it's a bit of both within minutes.  And I already know I'll miss these teenage years like I already miss rocking my babies to sleep in a dark bedroom while singing "Be a little candle".  I already miss sitting on the sofa with all three piled on my lap reading a huge pile of books.  I already miss little people pronouncing words hysterically wrong and not wanting to correct them because it was so cute.  My little sweeties.  Here we are yesterday.
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the cozy blanket she made me

this girl is so sweet and so funny

this guy is bigger than me and has a heart of gold
 My in-laws asked my parents to come join us all for dinner.  Sure nice to be with both simultaneously!
My mom... I am not sure what to say that I haven't said before.  She's been a constancy in my life for all my life.  She's completely selfless.  Completely content.  And a wise example in things that matter most.  When some decisions come up that I am not quite sure how to handle, I often ask myself, 'what would mom do?'.  I'm glad for that example.
 Here is the Chairman with the first lady he loved.  She's quiet and kind and completely accepted me as their 'daughter'.  And let me tell you, she can make spaghetti and eggplant like none other.
Backing up a day... we had Saturday dinner with these goons.  Their mama and dad cooked us some delicious Korean food.  Mmmmm.
 This box makes me happy.  What is it you ask?  A ticket to a lot less weeding this summer in my vegetable garden.  Talented family members will be delivering two of these in the next while.
I tried out the Amazon same day delivery service.  They fulfilled their promise.  And the birds are happily enjoying their new bird feeder.  Crazy-fast I say!  

How's the no sugar diet going?  Well I took this weekend off.  The days I went completely sugar-free I had a headache.  (ugh).  Someone told me yesterday we need a bit of sugar in our diets to help our brain function properly.  So that'll be my excuse if you see me stuffing a cookie in my mouth this week.

Happy week ahead to you!  I believe I should head off to the shower!  

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  1. I sang "Be a little candle," to my kids as well. My advice for going off sugar is to be a "taster" not an eater. That worked for me once a upon a time.