Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Musings

munch munch munch.  Eating my words.  Or I didn't knock on the right species of wood.  Someone here at the Chairman's Chalet got nice and sick yesterday.  A dreadful cold, so nothing too serious.  But still!  Sneezing, sniffling, watery and dull looking eyes.  So much for bragging about our resistance to viruses.

This morning I was out running errands and my phone 'tinged' that there was a new e-mail right before noon.  I click to see who it is from.  It is from son #1.  It says:  "I forgot my dessert."  Thanks, T.  Tee hee.  Was he hoping for a fresh chocolate chip cookie delivery?  Or maybe he wants to be sure I know so the after-school fare that he will be entitled to will be a bit more 'fun' than the usual healthy stuff.  Kids... they are great.

Just got a call.  It felt weird from the onset.  "Is R there?".  Um.  She's in school.  "Well this is Mrs. Conundrum (not her real name, but look up the definition) and I was wondering if she could babysit for us tonight"  Well... she has a dreadful cold.  "Oh that's ok!  I have a 2nd grade boy N. and so we will drop him off at your place at 5:30 and get him at 9:30 or later".  Oh?  Usually she goes to the home where the child lives.  Plus it is a school night.  Plus she has a cold.  But if you are desperate, she could possibly come to your house.  "Oh that will not work".  Why?  "Well we've only been here two years and our house is so incredibly bad and messy and full of boxes I couldn't dare let her come here.  It would be too embarrassing". So then she asked again, "where do you live?".  I explained in general terms and she sounded utterly clueless even though we live very close to the school her child attends.  It was getting 'odd'.  The red flags came unfurled.  The sniff-test of stink smelled something bad.  My gut said this isn't a good idea.  Ma'am?  I just don't think this will work out.  But thanks for trying!  And I hung up the phone .  Sometimes 'no' is the best answer.

Do lemon laws apply to appliances?  Do you remember my inquiry to the masses on the best washer to buy?  Well I didn't listen to some of you and maybe I should.  We purchased a machine that was highly rated at the time.  The price was very attractive at the local warehouse club.  And now I went on-line to see if my problem is unique.  On a scale of 1 to 5 on one site, many said they wanted to rate it a "0".  Ouch.  You see there are bearings in the washing machine.  They start to go out and your machine rattles around like there are big rocks inside.  It sounds like a jet engine is taking off in your laundry room.  They come to repair it under warranty.  The bearings go out again.  And again.  And again.  You get the picture.  I hope the repair guy is cute because I have a hunch I might see a lot of him.

Well the pooch is glaring at me.  She even did a huge and heavy sigh because I'm about 20 minutes late for our walk.  Since I'm paying $2.49 a month, I might as well throw you another picture.  This one taken last night right before I wandered off to bed.  They had already called it a night.  All right... a collective, 'awwwww'


  1. vs cat doesn't apply with those 2!!!
    Yep we had the repair man out again...for our kitchen stove...GE....we learned, stands for generally expensive, states Sears service guy! I pretty sure I met them all now!

  2. My goodness, they are good buddies, that is the cutest pic ever!! :)

  3. So many comments to be made on your appliance, but I'll hold my tongue... :-)

  4. I had bad luck with buying dishwashers that were rated at the top :( Sounds like that was a good babysitting job to avoid. I'm amazed at people's nerve sometimes!

  5. 2.49? you're going to have to start charging to read!!/ look!! Sorry 'bout the sniffles...