Friday, November 30, 2012

Frustrating Friday

Well it's not that bad as the title implies.  But hey!  That's how the world spins these days.  Make things seem worse than they appear and then the masses come running.  Or not.

I'm actually having trouble with getting pictures synced on the computer.  I'm up to my nostrils with open windows and folders and import information and whatnot.  Ugh.

Lets see.  Have you all gotten the flu shot?  Why or why not?  I recently had son #1 to two different medical appointments and both times we were offered up the flu shot.  Son #1 looked at me panicky, but I planned to refuse it anyway.  Honestly, we've (where's some wood to knock on!), been free of illness for several years now.  I credit it all to super good immunity systems good hand-washing and hygiene.

So I'm a part of the memory fiasco with Blogger and Google.  Some observant peeps gave me some awesome suggestions.  I just bit the bullet like some others and paid the large corporation their $2.49/month for extra storage.  But the Chairman had a wonderful suggestion!  He thought I should either take donations from the masses if this blander was worth it to you or set up a Paypal account.  (tee-hee).  Those frugal Italians.  Gotta love 'em.  But I couldn't not offer up pictures of cuteness like this!  I was downstairs working and came up to find these two rascals.  Cuteness overload.
But since I don't want to be deemed the "crazy cat lady" I'll refuse to tell you more.  Except for the irritating fact that he lost a brand new reflective collar somewhere between here and out there.  I went out with my headlamp on to see if it would reflect in a ditch or field or anywhere.  All I received was some cautious stares from passing cars in the dark and no collar.

Daughter #1 called in a dither from school this morning.  "MOM!  I need chocolate today!".  Really?  So do I!  No really Mom.  I need it for a class.  We are doing something with chocolate.  So I had to get out of my fuzzy blue robe and head off to the store to find my teenage daughter some chocolate to pass out.  I think it's a ruse, but don't tell her I said that.

Daughter #2 has issues with hair combing.  Quite frankly, I'd rather she comb her own because in her world, it has to be perfect.  She recognizes the fact I think because yesterday as we were walking into the bathroom to comb yet another perfect pony tail she said, 'I bet this is the scariest part of your day isn't it?'.  Well actually, it almost is.

Son #1 is now gainfully employed.  That is until tomorrow when the basketball tournament is over.  He's working with another kid in his class on the scoreboard for the 5th grade girls basketball tournament at our school.  Tonight he's sitting in his chair for four games in a row (that equates to four hours).  It all is for the $5/game payment he gets.  But!  If I told him I'd pay him $5/hour to sit in a chair, I wonder if he would?  I doubt it... but it's tempting.

Well that's all I've got today.  I leave you with one more dose of cuteness.  Go ahead, call me that Crazy Cat Lady...


  1. Dear Crazy cat lady....

    I jest. :)
    The blogging/google account full thing is frustrating to me also. I set up a new account with a different e-mail address, but how inconvenient is that!
    Flu shots? Nope, absolutely not! (you probably don't want to get into that one with me!)
    We're abnormally healthy here, I attribute it to my perfect cleanliness (HAHA!! NOT!!!)

  2. No flu shots here either....and that IS an overload of cuteness....the dog and cat are like twins only different species. And Lisi has her leg over kitty cat....too sweet for a dog really....I'm sure she doesn't even know what she does in her sleep! Ha Ha!

  3. -I got a flu shot once when I'd had a terrible time with sinus infections and the doctor said- just do the flu shot this year- you need to try to not get any respiratory infections at all for awhile. So I did. It was no big deal. I didn't get anything. But then, except for sinus infections, I rarely get anything anyway... except allergy sniffles.
    -You might be a 'cat lady' but you are definitely not crazy!
    -I need chocolate right now, too... I think it will be hot chocolate. Oh yes. :)