Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday Words

If you are only my friend on the blog and not FB, you probably don't know how our anniversary day turned out.  If you would have told me eighteen years ago in Stillwater, MN that my new husband would be saying 'you stink' to me on our 18th anniversary, I would have hardly believed you.  If you would have told me that our dog was kinda dumb, I would have believed you.  Before the whole fiasco, this is what daughter #1 captured unbeknownst to us:
I turned the table and took a picture of her then:  
I digress.  
About an hour after our anniversary supper that consisted of a mish-mash of leftovers and lively conversation, son #1 and I headed out for a little walk in the dark.  Puppy dog and kitty cat love these dark and spooky adventures.  We were just about home when Lisi excitedly sniffed something in the culvert at the back of our lot.  Soon she starts her "I"VE GOT SOMETHING HERE" tail-wagging/following a trail gait.  I told son #1, "I bet she has sniffed out the possum again!".  I was so wrong.  
Soon we hear barking right by the driveway at the front of our house.  We run up.  Son #1 turns on his headlamp to see what she's scared up.  And scared indeed.  
A skunk!  A big skunk with tail raised and then... the explosive bomb of stink hits the air.  Lisi backed up barking but then starts heading back at the skunk.  I am yelling, "NO LISI!  LEAVE IT!  NO!" and all her high-brow training was doing not one iota of good.  She was determined to bring that skunk into submission. Without thinking clearly, I start to run up to the dog/skunk to pull Lisi away.  I'm thinking the skunk has sprayed his juice and there wouldn't be more.  Lucky for me I have a smart son.  He yells, "MOM!  NO!"  And then I realize Pepe LePew's tail is turned towards me.  I back slowly away and grab the collar of Lisi.  The skunk scampers off across the field into the darkness.  And we are left alone with a VERY, VERY pungent dog.  Her face is wet with spray.  I have it all over my hands/arms.  

I go into the house and yell for the Chairman.  He looks at me and says loudly, 'YOU STINK'.   Followed by 'get out of your clothes!'  Then he grabs the keys and heads for the store to get more ingredients for the skunk removal potion.  Two and a half-baths later, Lisi still smells musky.  Not in a wonderful way either.  So she has spent a lot of time doing this

But don't worry, she's also doing some of this:  (don't mind my purple stripe pajamas!)  She's lucky I let her be close because she still stinks.
Anyone else know of a 7-month old cat that still 'nurses'?  Simba always kneads and sucks a soft blanket before settling down for a nap.  I find it almost awkward to watch... He must have some self-confidence issues.  Or miss his mama in a big way.

Got a blog hit from Gambia!  I had to look up to see that it was in western Africa.  Don't worry.  I'm not becoming that famous.  It was an innocent soul looking for "gave note on a Chairman of the Company".  I wonder what the note said?  

Am I going to mention anything at all about the election that just happened?  Nope!  Well maybe just one thing.  I am thankful that I can now answer our phone knowing it will most likely be a real person and not a recording...


  1. Happy anniversary! Sorry it stunk! =)

    We have an 8-YEAR-old cat who still nurses periodically when he gets access to a soft blanket. No real idea why. He purrs and purrs with such a throaty purr while he does it, too.

  2. I'm thinking the two of you should have been out walking the dog together! heehee! Our last set of kittens actually nursed so long I couldn't believe mama cat was tolerating it. I was beginning to think it was awkward to watch!

  3. Hahahaha... Adina.... so funny. I was about to say... well, that stinks. :)

  4. Happy Anniversary. Looks like that dog will never learn!

  5. So my daughter's cat isn't the only one that does that!!

  6. that's one of my worst fears for some reason..getting sprayed by a skunk. can i ask what the potion is? tomato juice and anything else? what a goofy anniversary! glad you're still together!