Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Musings

Happy Monday!  I love my family.  But I do like the deafening quiet of everyone back in their places with the only sounds coming from the running washer and dishwasher and the snoring pooch.

How was your Thanksgiving?  Did you eat yourself to a stupor?  Did you love and laugh like never before?  Did any fights break out?  Hope not on that last one...

Ours was nice.  It was kind of like the Festa Italiana of Thanksgiving.  Yes, the food was good and the visiting lovely and the decibel levels reasonably high.  Yes, "his people are now my people".  And I like that I feel that way.

Did you want to come to a party I'm having?  Put on some drab clothes and color your face ashen.  Turn on some very sad harmonica music.  Try not to smile.  Because you have officially been invited to a pity party.  A lot of people I love were in a very warm climate.  They were frolicking on the beach.  They were eating delightful food.  They were having the richest of conversations.  I can hardly fathom how much fun they had because I wasn't there!  Didn't they need me to keep the conversations lively?  Didn't they need my comments on cooking?  Didn't my mostly-nice older brother miss the opportunity of putting me down?  I think so.  I'm actually glad the delightful time there is nearly over.  I can pull off my drab-gray clothes and turn down the sad music and go on with my life again.  Whew.

I was at the hardware store the other day.  So was "Bella" and her family.  "Bella" was about two.  I know it was "Bella" because I heard her name not once, or twice, or thrice.  It was continually being yelled out.  "Bella!  Out of the way!  Bella!  Come here!  Bella!  No!  Isabella Rose (must have been something more serious), don't touch!  Then as I was heading back to the van with my new flag pole, I heard them yelling, "BELLA!  CAR!".  Really?  Couldn't you just hold her hand or carry her so that she doesn't get mushed under a car tire?  Poor Bella Rose...

I often am stunned.  The daughter that is as close to my heart as the other one doesn't share one gene with me.  But I find it fascinating how much we are alike.  Her voice.  Her intonations.  Her mannerisms at times.  And lately, the knots on her neck mimic mine exactly.  Weird.  It isn't all genetics that binds people together.

I'd post a picture or two, but I get some ornery message saying I've reached my 1 GB quota for something.  So maybe that means they've had enough of me and my musings.  I hope not.


  1. Glad you had a nice Turkey Day with his family! I personally wasn't jealous of those frolicking in the warm climate…..because I was with my children(all 3 of them). Of course today I do head back to that warm climate and my flip flops! Bittersweet since I will cry leaving my children :(

  2. The same thing happened with me last night to our private family blog. I started it in 2007 and have finally reached the 1G photo limit. I do not want to purchase more space from Picasa. I found that you can sign up for a photobucket account and upload your photos there and link it back to your blog posts. It's more of a pain, but the photos end up looking just like they do with your normal blog posts.

    Here's a link of how to do it:

    Photobucket gives you 2G of free photos so that means I should be able to get another 10 years out of that space if it takes as long as it did with the PIcasa web albums. If you've found something else to do I'd be interested in hearing.