Friday, November 2, 2012

Frivolous Friday

Why frivolous the curious peeps ask?  Because almost every thought I'm going to share has nothing substantial or serious about it.

Hmmm where to start?  Well at the moment, I'm waiting for a plumber to show up.  No, our toilets are not overflowing.  It is for a good reason.  A new faucet that I'm delighted to report will be a part of our kitchen!  Since most of the work will not entail leaning over, I think I'm good.  However if the theory holds true about plumbers, I'll try to avert my eyes.

Yesterday I had the privilege of being with a lot of the Chairman's family at lunchtime.  In fact, the Chairman wasn't even able to go.  I was sitting there enjoying myself to the fullest and realized that really once you have been married for a lot of years, his family/my family becomes very blurred.  His family is my family.  My family is his family.  That's a neat concept.

When the MYP have questions about homework, I defer to the Chairman if it involves math.  However, the other night there was a need for assistance in a writing assignment.  I took over assisted as best I could and found out 'my' grade was a 5.6 out of 6!  Not bad for a rookie.  (I almost never help with homework since I think they should figure it out for themselves.  Honest!)

Lisi's dog training paid off again yesterday.  In fact, it quite possibly saved her life or kept her from injury.  I was walking her while waiting for a child in piano lessons.  We became separated - she was on a grassy field and I across a parking lot.  Suddenly she discovered that she wasn't with me and started racing towards me.  I saw a van coming in very fast.  I threw up my arm in the 'wait' position for her in case she didn't hear me yell 'wait'.  She promptly sat down right at the curb and the van whizzed by.  I then yelled 'come' and she did with gusto.  Sweet, smart puppykins we have.

Can't have a post without mention of the cat.  Another call.  This time from another neighbor.  "Hello?  We have your cat here.  He's in the yard by us and seems like he is so friendly he must be an inside cat.  Did he get away from you?"  Um no.  He's looking for another rodent to kill and dismember, but likes to stop and say hello to people if they are nearby.  So thanks!  You'll probably see him wander by again.

Today the football team for son #1 is all meeting at a nearby hotel to swim and eat snacks/supper.  Picture 30 - 12/13 year old boys in a swimming pool.  Now picture Mr. and Mrs. Out of Town there for business and after seeing the glossy brochure of the calm pool head down for a dip in the hot tub to relax.  Tee-hee.

We have a neighbor that I am certain thinks I'm unique at best.  Well last night I headed out with the MYP and we had a fantastically fun game of hide and seek in the dark.  I was teamed up with one of the MYP.  We decided to lie down flat in an adjoining field.  Soon we were found and shrieks of delight were coming out of my mouth and then I realized that less than 100 yards away was Mrs. Neighbor Lady squinting through the darkness wondering if something very scary was happening.  I should grow up.  But nighttime hide and seek is still very fun.  She doesn't know what she's missing.

See?  I promised frivolity.  So there you go!


  1. I was just thinking the other day I'll miss the older neighbor ladies who have since moved spying out their windows and telling me later that I shouldn't be out shoveling when I'm pregnant!!! ;)

  2. Hmmm... never played hide and seek in the dark. Sounds like something I might need to try. I like being thought of by the neighbors as "unique at best". ;) Fun!