Saturday, November 3, 2012

City Slicker

Have you heard that story about the country mouse and the city mouse?  You have?  Good!  I think I'd like to compare myself to that story because last time I wrote about a skunk in the country.  This time is about a city I never knew existed.  But I don't want to compare myself to a mouse.  Because that blasted cat that now lives here keeps killing and (gack!) sometimes eating mice.

Hello from your good friend Lisi!  Now please don't get too excited because I'm writing again so soon.  It might be another year or so before something interesting happens around here.  But today was different!  Really different.

The Big Guy that lives here ate his breakfast with his family around the table.  Then he got his big boots on!  And a jacket!  And he picked up the leash (he never uses it... I think it's a prop) and headed for the truck.  Oh BOY!  A big hike with my Big Guy.  So I hopped in and off we went!  We drove through some different areas.  I love that truck we have because the back window goes way down and I can lean waaaay out and sniff to my big-soft-hearted golden's content.  We stopped and it was a different kind of place.  Some grass, but lots of cars racing here and there.  We hiked around some tall poles a bit and then eventually got back in the truck and ended up in this super-big garage that was dark and had a lot of different levels.  The Big Guy gets out and actually puts me on a leash and we head outside of this garage place.

Then we walk down this sidewalk.  I'm looking this way.  That way.  There is NO grass anywhere in sight!  Where to you go to the bathroom?  Then the Big Guy opens this big glass door and we walk in.  Fancy!  Then we go to this big door with buttons.  The Big Guy pushes it.  The door opens.  We go in and it jostles us around and then the door opens again.  MAGIC!  Did you know my Big Guy can push buttons and we are amazingly in a completely different spot?  He's pretty neat and all, but that really wowed me!

We walk into this quiet place.  There is deep carpet.  Lots of rooms.  And one of them smelled a lot like my Big Guy!  I sniffed all over but felt most comfortable lying right by this big desk.  He looked like he was busy enough, so I took a good nap.  Even snored mind you!  But there were honks and busses roaring by on the street below and so my nap was interrupted.  After about five minutes or hours (we dogs are challenged with time), he says, 'lets go Big Girl'.  Seriously?  I'm not overweight!

This time he opened a door and there were lots and lots and lots of stairs.  So I raced him down and beat him to the bottom.  We headed back to the big garage.  I still couldn't see grass.  I'm not sure what people do in places like that where there are only tall buildings and cement and glass and no place to go potty!  Lucky for me and the Big Guy, the ride home wasn't too long.  I could tell he was talking on the phone to the the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway that we had been on a field trip downtown.  He even said that we were just a couple blocks from the President!  I could be famous!  No wait!  I am famous.  I write stories.  That's enough for me.

My family is going outside now for a game of hide and seek in the dark.  I LOVE that game.  Except they yell at me when I help one team more than the other by sniffing them out and standing there wagging my tail.  So I'll try to be fair this time.

Hope you enjoyed my little venture to the big city!  I think I behaved so well that maybe if I'm really lucky, the Big Guy will take me to work with him more often!  I hope so.  Especially if I don't have to go potty....

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  1. Well, now... that IS a big day! Was it national "Bring Your Pet to Work" day? ;)