Friday, November 16, 2012

Fleecey Friday

I don't think 'fleecey' is a word.  But I needed an "F" adjective for Friday because... well... it seems like it should be that way.  I chose fleece because of my latest discovery.  Do you like to crawl into bed and feel like you have landed into a pillow of baby softness and warmth?  If so, run, don't walk to your nearest Costco.  Pick up a set of their fleece sheets.  I start thinking about them about 7:00 pm wishing the MYP would go to bed so I could run to my room and crawl into the cozy cocoon of softness.

Who do nice, ordinary people feel that they can pick their teeth or worse yet, their nose, in their cars at stoplights with people all around?  I was next to an attractive 20-something year old lady this week and... well, never mind.

I read about myself on a couple of blogs this week.  At least I think the reference was towards me.  One posted about her cute kids and inserted one small picture of her cat.  Then she added, 'I will not be a crazy cat lady that blogs about her cat...' and so forth.  That would be me!  The crazy cat lady.  Ugh.  I would like to tell you about our latest walks with not just a dog, but also a cat that were hilarious.  I would like to tell you about his latest hunting trophy.  But I can't, or I would be likened to a crazy cat lady.  Another stated that she feels like every blog entry should have a picture or two.  So that being said, I will share a couple pictures!
Lucky for cat that there is a car cover now...  

Very annoyed.  He wants to be on her bed.
I won't tell you that this is son receiving his 4.0 certificate for 1st quarter because that would sound like bragging.
Another ordinary moment... folding clothes on the bed with MYP chattering along beside


Coming home from groomer.  Skunk smell be gone!  

Coach talking after another victory.  

Leaving later today to cheer our high school team in the championship game!


  1. Thought of you when I read her cat post!!! ;) Always enjoy your animal escapades! And I LOVE those everyday kinds of photos...that's what I try to capture with my daily photo. Love! And sweetness....mmmm....the holiday baking begins! :)

  2. I have those same sheets from them. My kids would hang out in my room while I folded clothes too. Sometimes my son would even fold a thing or two. Treasure every moment. In the blink of an eye my nest was empty.

  3. Sure glad it wasn't me talking about you behind your back...haha!
    Those sheets sound, ummm....fleesey err, wonderful! I have to say that it's been quite a few years that since I could even sleep on flannel sheets but I put them on our bed when we moved & maybe it's just colder here in this part of the state (or not) but I'm sure enjoying the snuggley feeling again without roasting. No costco within a million miles here, so guess I'm out of luck :(

  4. Mmm..have sheets just like that...they are the ultimate in cozy comfort!!

  5. The fleece sheets sound tempting. do you deal with all the static it seems like they would produce?