Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Musings

Would you believe me if I told you that as I was trying to doze off to sleep last night I was trying to come up with some musings?  For some reason, my mind is completely void of thought and I don't feel like there's much to muse.  Well lets see where my mind takes me.

I've been eating too much leftover Halloween candy.  I'm doing it only because son #1 loves me and gave me a big pile of peanut butter cups.  So I'm doing it because of his kind gesture and not because I like them or anything.  urp.  

Speaking of sons.... one of the best things I read about parenting sons (not that I read many parenting books because the 'experts' never parented the kids we are raising, so how would they really know?  I digress.) was that they don't like to cozy up on a couch or on their bed and talk.  They like to be shooting hoops.  Riding a bike.  Or even in a car.  So since last night was dark, a bit windy, and the heavens were offering up a steady rain, it seemed like the perfect time to go on a walk with the aforementioned son.  For some reason, he jumped at the opportunity.  We headed out in some good rain gear and had a good 45 minute visit about life and worms and grades and haircuts and worms and annoying sisters and football and worms... and it was just great.  

A few weeks ago I mentioned going to see an elderly man and how you receive so much more than you give when you visit someone that is ill or in a hospital or whatnot.  Well, this man went on to his reward more quickly than we could imagine.  His funeral was Saturday.  It was a wonderful encouragement to all be together and pay our respects.  I had the privilege of having a part in the singing.  There was a full military honor at the cemetery for his service in WWII.  He truly loved our MYP and he told me as much.  One of them wrote a letter to him a month ago since she couldn't be with me on the visit.  He read it over and over and over and over and it was a well-worn piece of paper.  I took a screen shot of it before I took it to him.  I'm thankful I did so she can read it some day when she's grown...  out of the mouth of babes...  they can do more than we can sometimes...

And finally.  Did you know how wet dogs smell?  You do?  Simply awful, right?  Do you know what a wet golden retriever smells like that was sprayed with skunk only six days prior?  Much worse.  Trust me.

And finally.  A couple 'funnies' I saw yesterday while 'surfing'....
No, one cat is enough thank you.  
Yes, there is not one ounce of protection with our pooch.  A delivery guy just told us
she would open the door and let him in if she could.
Mused out...

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