Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Musings

So I 'Googled' how to make a homemade sling.  Daughter #2 fell off a trampoline in the darkness on Saturday.  I was thinking she was working on extra attention.  After two days and still complaints about a sore arm, I finally took her in.  Fracture of the radial something they called it.  And now she is sporting a 'real' sling for awhile.  "See mom?  I told you it hurt!"  Then some muttering and... "you thought a sling made out of a pillowcase was enough".  Live and learn my sweet!  
Before that fiasco, I had four kids with me in the afternoon Saturday.  What does any reasonably-sane mother do with four?  Take them to Costco of course!  They ate the following samples:  mandarin oranges, cheesecake, multi-grain crackers with peach mango salsa, ribeye steak, meatballs with cherry/habanero sauce, white bread with strawberry jam, sweet and spicy pickles, chicken marsala, granola bars, and finally a vitamin!  Urp!  I heard often, 'are they all yours?'.  Mostly!

Speaking of "urps!".  I made sea salt caramels.  They are addictive, super-fattening, and delicious.  If you eat more than three in one sitting, your stomach goes into knots and your heart seizes.  Trust me.

While sitting in the afore-mentioned orthopedic office, the nice-looking PA was telling the doctor outside of the room that this 10-year old was with her 'mother or grandmother'...  (that's about five times now).  And if that wasn't enough to make me want to go dig out the anti-wrinkle cream.  The other night son #1 and I headed out for one of our late-night walks.  Thankfully no skunks.  But part-way through, he asked, 'does it bother you that you are so old?', then he did some fast back-pedaling and said, 'I mean not real old, just kinda old'.  My dear sensitive son.  I did have an answer.  No it doesn't bother me.  Actually, I've never felt more secure in my life.  Somehow the challenges, experiences, and joys of life add up and you are just glad to be who and where you are.  That's how I feel right now anyway.

Yes, that's a laundromat!  Yes, that was me in that laundromat on Saturday morning.  I put in $10 worth of quarters and got three big garbage bags full of wet clothes (brought them all home to dry you know).  I dreaded going.  But actually, it was quite pleasant.  It was unbelievably warm in there.  There were lots of people to watch.  In fact, one very portly fellow pulled out his stuff to fold.  HUMONGOUS underthings.  Very large t-shirts and jeans.  After the distraction of the sheer size of his clothes, I noticed how incredibly neatly he folded them and put them in military-precision stacks before him like he does this every Saturday.  And probably he does!  

Then there was this:

I kinda felt like AB taking pictures on the train.  I think a romance was getting started.  It started out all very cool.  A question about a machine.  But I could see Ms. 30'something was starting to chuckle.  Mr. 30'something leaned his arm out behind him and tried to look casual perched on the machine.  When I left they were still thoroughly enjoying each other's company.  I sure hope I'm invited to the wedding.

This is in our front entry:
The parts to our washing machine.  There are enough boxes there that it looks like they just FedEx'd a new washer in pieces.  Or not.  But two guys are coming tomorrow to fix our little lemon.  I hope they work some magic because I hope to not head back to Sun Laundry anytime soon despite the pleasant experience.

Well there is a dog to walk and some MYP to pick up from school.  So the musing must be muffled.


  1. Thanks for the humorous (the writing, not necessarily the events) recap of your weekend.

  2. Happy healing to the little one. I giggled at your comment about being invited to the wedding...I hope you are too!!

  3. You inspired me to get my sneaky cell phone out again! My current phone is harder, though, because it's not very sneaky... hmmm...
    I always sort of enjoyed being at the laundromat- being there, not going there or going home from there- for one thing- you can get your laundry done- Boom- fast! And yours looks like a nice clean place. And I can just see you enjoying the other people there!
    Hope the arm heals quickly. Not so much fun.