Thursday, December 6, 2012

Life begins at 50... I mean... 5!


Yep it's me Lisi!  

Why am I smoking a stogie holding a new rawhide in my mouth?  Well I just had a birthday
 and this was one of my presents!  I love birthdays, don't you?  

We dogs have to enjoy each and every one.  Do you know why?  
We don't get very many of them I'm told.  
I'm thankful for the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway.  She understands
that I won't have many so she makes a big fuss over me on my special day.  

This year I was five on the 5th.  In people terms, I'm kinda almost like 50 because
 we goldens don't get to experience a whole lot of life past ten.  
So we did it up big this year.  I got a package of soft 
treats.  And also a couple of those delicious rawhides with yummy stuff inside of them. 
Big Lady kept singing the first line of the birthday song to the point it nearly annoyed me. 

But that wasn't all!  Today (even though my birthday is past), 
the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway
took me on an adventure.  She had to make several stops and then
 we headed out for a big hike.
  It was just wonderful - her and I together exploring the woods and valleys.  

At the end of our venture we stopped and drove through this place.  All of the sudden 
the van smelled just delicious!  We shared a burger together.  It was almost heaven-like.  
Well that's a good thing because I think that's about as near to heaven as I'll get.  

So now we are home.  Big Lady took a picture of me relaxing after our hike and our yummy lunch together.  Yes, life is good.  Even at 50 five years of age!


  1. I love you, Lisi...I'm glad you had a good birthday...Simba might get jealous with you snuggling up to other soft things, so I'd be careful not to do it in her presence.

  2. Just another birthday I missed. Ah well. You're older than me now, Lisi! ;) Have a good year!!! Cutie Pie!