Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday thoughts...

You can send your "get well soon" cards to the following address:  Oh never mind, I did "get well soon" so I don't need them.  But just in case you were really curious to what was ailing me... well I don't honestly know.  My body felt achy all over.  My lungs felt very sore.  I coughed.  It lasted a whole day.  Today I just sound like I've got a Virginia Slims habit and that's about it.  You never know how good it feels to feel good until you've been sick.  Follow that?

Speaking of ailments.  Tonight will be interesting and hopefully delightful.  You see daughter #2 who is sporting a sling (which she officially is tired of already) has to beat the bongo drums for the winter concert.  Since only one hand is operable, she will be doing her thing with one appendage - not two.  If it works, it'll be neat to see.  If it doesn't... we'll be eating humble pie along with the cookies at the reception.

We just had a tile project completed here.  I had no idea how much work there was involved in cutting, piecing, and arranging tile.  The job I thought would last about a day for one was actually 3+days with two people.  I got used to them being here and enjoyed their company.  When they were getting ready to leave I thought they deserved more than their quote.  So I sent some fresh-out-of-the-oven Chairman's Wife bread. You would have thought I gave them a $500 extra the way they reacted.  Then I got text messages a couple hours later saying how appreciative they were.  Apparently most clients don't give them bakery to go.

The Chairman has been putting in dreadfully long hours.  Or he's just trying to stay away from the commotion at home.  Nonetheless, one thing I admire about him is that despite his heavy workload, he doesn't complain.  I better stop right now because he's not into being elevated.  But it doesn't really matter because he reads the blog no more than about once/six months.

Speaking of blogging.  I read in Reader's Digest last night that in order to keep the blog traffic high you must publish your post before 10:00 am.  Well rats.  Sorry I missed some of you.  

I'd throw a couple completely cute pictures of the kitty or pup at you now, but I need to move on.  So instead, I'll leave you with this... (actually, Lisi is hardly ever leashed)
Lisi has been quite intolerant of the cat this week.  I think the reality that he's here to stay isn't sitting so well.  


  1. lol--that's a funny "funny"!
    way to go on the fresh bread gift--I've been thinking about doing that when our landlord comes for the first time in Jan. to see what we've done with our (his) house. Maybe that will help swing the mood to encourage him to let us do more remodeling for our rent? :D

  2. I've not read that, but I have proven it!! Even before 8 am works good! :) Sorry you were ill, yuck.

  3. I like that cat/dog interchange, too!