Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Musings

Better get going since it is Monday!  I'm a bit behind since I crawled back in bed after the Chairman and MYP left the house.  Since you all are so interested in my physical as well as psychological condition, I might as well tell you.  I have a chest cold that keeps me up at night with jagged dry-coughing fits where my eyes run and I can't sleep.  Last night I 'googled' it and decided to really do it up right.  I ran the vaporizer.  I drank hot tea followed by water with some honey.  I took a teaspoon of honey straight up.  I rubbed Vicks on my feet and put on socks.  I elevated my pillows.  I sipped water and had a cough drop in my mouth. I took "Max" cough syrup.   And I coughed...

But!  I had a super-de-duper weekend!  This was our annual fall camping weekend.  We are kind of like the mailman.  We've done it in snow, sleet and hail.  Freezing temperatures.  This year?  Warm and rainy!  This time it was mainly family which is nice since I like them.

I say it every time.  I love camping but I can totally see why some people think it is the most silly thing on earth.  Paying a small fee to work like a dog (sorry Lisi, but you really don't work) getting ready.  Walking a quarter of a mile to the showers that have worms on the floor and grubs on the wall, hauling water from a spigot, cooking in very inconvenient and slightly unsanitary ways, getting lots of smoke in your eyes, feeling grit between your toes as you head to bed at night... and the list goes on.  But it is worth it.  The beautiful hikes.  The togetherness with others (hopefully you enjoy who you camp with), the campfires that induce great conversation.  And the food.  We did it up right this year.  Burgers, marinated salmon over the fire, pasta, pulled pork bbq feast, spaghetti with the works, mmmmm.

Son #1 was commenting that he saw ticks crawling on Lisi coming home.  So I started to brush her and it made my skin crawl.  I found nine ticks last night (all tiny deer ticks).  I'm glad she has the Lyme shot and wish I could get it too.  I immediately took a shower and did some self-evaluation.  My skin still is crawling thinking about it.  In fact it is so much on my mind that when I was slicing the homemade bread for toast this morning I thought a flax seed was a tick.

So without further ado, I must get going.  I'm behind a couple hours because of my napping.  I need to clean and winterize our camper for the season (sniff).  I am certainly embracing the seasons more than ever, but there is something about actually saying goodbye to the camper makes it all seem so final.

Here's some pics to make you feel like you camped without the work.
my walking partner heading for the shower

some wormy friends in the shower
my two nieces sure have nice husbands!
photog moment on a long hike
what's camping without weather?
Even David came!  What a nice addition to the mix.
Hi Mom and slightly older sister and husband!
My Chairman and my Father
Yes, Lisi, you were super good the whole time
Hi big M!  You were good too!
Any guesses where they live?
This happens every time they part.  Kindred 3rd child spirits.
Mused out until next Monday!


  1. I have never done much camping since I've been married. Jim isn't keen on it. I did a lot of camping when I was a kid. Any vacation we had meant we drove there with luggage and tent on the top of the station wagon, and four kids with mom and dad inside it. We camped in several states on our way there, and mom put on a real meal on our coleman stove, with stuff brought along. I always felt mom had to work way too hard on those trips, although the rest of us helped with camp chores. It makes me tired to think about it just now.

  2. Oh my I smiled about the creepy feeling of ticks and then the flax seed/tick! I completely agree with you 100%. The one thing I hated was pulling ticks off of Mocha when we lived in MN.

  3. You guys have one of those cool tripod campfire cooking stand things. I wish I had one of those.