Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Musings

And so begins another Monday.  Another post.  In fact, this is post #987!  I'm trying to decide what fanfare will happen at post number 1,000.  Probably nothing but more mundane musing...

Well back to the lighter and less emotional programming you all probably enjoy more than overly-emotional mom posts.  Speaking of mothers!  Our family tree grew by two feet yesterday again!  A little baby boy was born to a family that already has three boys.  Disappointment?  Absolutely not.  In fact, the dear mommy wanted another son because she knows what they are all about.  Welcome baby Jamin!

Those little babies grow up fast.  Just ask me.  Two of the MYP laid out their school pictures the day the new ones came.  The chubby faces morph into young people year by year.  I must admit my eyes got moist and our dear daughter groaned at me and said, 'MOM!  Stop!'.  They are used to me by now.
Norewex peeps!  Notice the purple cloth at work!
Jack Frost came nipping today!  It was fun to see the grass all white this morning.  Luckily Jack can't affect me too much because I was wise and went to REI so my toes don't suffer this winter.  Pretty awesome, eh?
Lisi full of Monday-morning enthusiasm
And have I told you about Costco's fleece sheets?  I did.  Oh drat.  They still are deliciously soft.  Just picture being three years old again in cozy jammies being rocked by your most favorite person ever.  That's what they feel like when you crawl into bed.

Did you know I find our two daughter's voices indistinguishable on the phone sometimes?  Since they share no actual genes, I find it very interesting.  In this case it is nurture that wins over nature.

And on a final note.  I'm thankful that on Saturday, a friend took it upon herself and picked up our daughters and entertained them and fed them and made sure all was well until we were back home from the hospital.  You can't put words into peace of mind...  

So happy Monday to you!  Like I said a couple days ago, no matter what happens, it's a good day.


  1. Love those fleece sheets from Costco, but as I pulled them up around me last night my husband threw them off (of him) and said "I'm not ready for these sheets!". I put my cold feet on him to show him I was!

  2. I would love to have some fleece sheets from Costco! Green is my favorite color! Do you need my address?

  3. How lovely there are people who can just take over when you need them.

  4. My sis-in-law also felt like she knew how to cope with boy babies and didn't mind the lack of variety at all! (They had a little girl a year ago, though, and are also happy with her. It was a warm feeling, though, knowing that they loved their boys and were happy as they were.)
    It is heartbreaking and joyful all at the same time to watch the pix go from definite baby-ishness to big-kided-ness.