Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Musings

Hmmm.  Where to start?

We've had a special weekend.  Busy with company that included:

It would be nice to convey in words what it means.  Considering that we get these visits usually only once/five years, it is very special indeed.  The sweet young couple from KY came as well.  She was a joy as a little chubby blueberry-eyed little one.  She's a joy as a blueberry-eyed young lady with a wonderful husband.  I'm so glad they came!

And it was Mother's Day.
I think the MYP secretly groan at the desire I have to take photos at holidays.  However, they are the ones who like to look at old photos and marvel at the changes and growth.  Looking at this picture, I realize I do indeed have MYP and not MY little ones.  Bittersweet sigh.

I wish a house wouldn't be built across the street.  I tried to discourage potential buyers by sending Lisi outside to bark at people looking at the land.  It must not have worked because pink flags have been staked.  I wish Simba wouldn't lose those happy mousing grounds.

I wish there were gardens without weeds.  I wish that it wouldn't be so evident when you weren't faithful in weeding the previous year.  Somehow the weeds remember they had a strong-hold on certain places.  I wish I liked vegetable gardens more.  Like someone else posted recently, the beginning and end is fun, but not the constancy of work in between sowing and reaping.  

I wish washers and dryers had a third appliance called a folding machine.  And maybe a put-away machine.  But then I wouldn't have job security here.

I wish I could lose five pounds without trying.  

I think there's a quote:  'If wishes were fishes, then we would all cast nets'.  

Maybe it should say if I have time to post this, I have time to weed.  So off I go!  Happy week ahead!


  1. It looks like the MYP ones need to learn to weed because they will not learn any younger. Lighten the load for you.

  2. Loved the Monday mirthful musings! I don't know where you find all these cartoons that match your musings so well. Sure do enjoy them.

  3. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. That's the one I know. WHO, in their right mind really likes weeding? I like the finished product, however, when it is in my flower garden.

  4. Yay for special visits, and visitors. Your little people are growing...first thing I thought! We just can't keep them small can we?

  5. My cousin always used to say (and to finish Gramma's statement), "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. If turnips were watches, I'd wear one at my side." I agree with Betty - teach the MYP to weed. It builds character. My mom did that, and look how much of a character I am!