Thursday, May 16, 2013

A beautiful day!

Kind of hard to be a Grumpy Grover on a day like today.  The grass is growing.  The flowering crabs are ready to show off their pretty, the garden is tilled as of 7 am this morning and the cat sleeps.

Bless his heart.  Mr. Chicken Farmer came bright and early to help ready my soil for sowing.  So I have a little work ahead of me today.

The cat had a night on the town again.  The day before yesterday he brought home three mice and one bird (which I don't like him killing).  I'm thinking he is a killing addict and we might need to take him to therapy if he continues to kill just for the sport of it.

Yesterday we had a birthday lunch for a couple May birthdays.  Just look at these ladies!  I may be biased, but I think we have some of the nicest around.    Lovely, eh?  The restaurant thought so too.  They asked to take a picture of us dining outside to post on their FB page.  (tee-hee)

Daughter #2 has been doing 60 sit-ups each night.  She dreaming of 'six-pack abs'.  And honestly, I think she's starting to get them.  She has a BMI of about -23.  So not a lot to work on.  However, this daughter who recently told me about my expanding waistline decided that I need to participate in the sit-up regime each evening.  I'm so very ashamed.  The first night I could only do about 15 without collapsing in a heap.  With urging last night, I got up to 20.  And let me tell you, my mid-section is protesting.  But!  Some day I might have 'six-pack-abs' a half-a-can of abs.  Or not.

Just heard the 'FIFTY NIFTY UNITED STATES' song for the last time.  Today's presentation was sponsored by the state of Arizona.

So now I will go forth to sow... I find it wonderful how many lessons one can get by getting down in the dirt and working with it.  It makes gardening special on a whole different level.


  1. Ah! It's a beautiful day here too. Just over 72* so far, the birds are singing, my grass is growing... :) We have a few things in our garden, I'm hoping to go garden shopping on Friday for more. Because of where we live we have the most awesome free fertilizer free--just across the way! Yay! This is a new experience for me gardening in a different zone--a shorter growing time span also. It's typically pretty dry in this area of the country, so I'm feeling fortunate we have a well to provide water rather than on City!!

  2. I got some flowers planted and they were watered last night!