Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Musings

Sure is pretty out there!  Did I mention before I like spring?  Oh I did?  Sorry.  I still do.

We were busy as buzzing bees getting soil ready.  Getting plants and seeds tucked safely into warm dirt. One of the MYP loves to take pictures of anything and everything.  I think there are 1,322 photos on the phone as I type...
I like my helper.  She loves to sow seeds.  And ask repeatedly what manure is.  Even if she knows the answer.

I also potted some flowers.  I like that best.  Flowers.  Instant gratification.  I'm impatien (spelled incorrectly on purpose... get it?  Impatiens!) like that.  But the ones you see are petunias and verbena, not impatiens.  I digress...

Cool cat city kept watch from afar.
Doesn't this look pitiful?  Hmmm.  I wonder who is in charge?
This is obviously Lisi's bed.  Lisi was obviously thinking a little after-breakfast nap was in order.  And obviously, the cat thinks he's in charge.  After another night on the town out hunting rodents, he sleeps his days away.

And finally.  Last night with the urging and prompting and encouraging of my daughter, I upped it to 30 sit-ups (with a little break at 15 as I was gasping a little loudly).   It was awful and my belly hurts today.  I'm just worried how much my family will miss me when I'm asked to go on my motivational tour coast-to-coast on exercise and determination.  Heh heh.


  1. You are lucky to have a cat that ignores you in the garden. I can't move around the yard and garden without tripping over the cat.

  2. Snicker snicker, snort! I agree about the cat. If I go outside for a walk or in a hurry to get a picture of the sunset, there is our cat right in front of me, crisscrossing my path. Then he can't figure out why he gets stepped on :P I have a feeling when I get into the garden to plant he's going to be right in my face. (and since we have 3 cats.....) Way to go on the sit-ups, impressive!