Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Yes, that is me.  I need to be out edging my flower beds.  I need to be weeding.  I need to run another load of laundry.  It's just that it is more fun doing things I don't need to be doing.  Like blogging.  Or looking at cute clothes on the Athleta site that my 40something body wouldn't look nearly as good in as the models.

Speaking of blogging, the powers-that-be think I should be making money on this blog.  I got an e-mail to get going on advertising.  Making you peeps click on ads and then I make grandiose amounts of money and someone else does too.  No thank you.  This blog is only intended for encouragement or amusement.  Not for financial gain.  Even if it were only $1.27/year.

Ahhh this weather.  I was hearing the weatherman in the car yesterday telling how the dew points would be at an uncomfortable level that everyone doesn't like.  He wasn't talking about me.  I love high dew points.  I love humidity.  I love warmth thrown in the mix.  Something tells me I should have been born to a couple in Belize and not in Wisconsin.  But that wasn't up to me...

For some reason, the school-friends of the MYP like me.  I've been told as much.  When I walked up to a bunch of giggling girls in the track meet they were all yelling, HELLO MRS. D!!! in enthusiastic tones.  I was feeling all smug and satisfied with myself until one of our own got in the car.  She said, 'My friends like you and think you are fun.  Why are you only nice when they are around?'  Um.  Well.  I'm your mother and mothers like to assign chores and make you pick up your dirty socks...  

And yesterday, this was me:

Why are spiders so scary?  They aren't big.  They are only slightly different in shape than an ant or a beetle.  So as we were driving along yesterday, I see movement on the dash of our van.  Soon I see the top of the body lurking at me.  Soon I see legs.  Spider legs attached to the body of a good-sized black and brown spider.  The hairs of my neck stand up.  I'm driving.  I can't just pull over.  Mr. Spider is looking at me.  I'm distractedly looking at him.  At first chance I get I pull over.  Do you know how deep the dashes of vans are?  Do you know how sneaky spiders are?  We were quite the sight.  Me with my seat belt all but choking me with a tissue in hand trying to go for the kill.  Mr. Spider is scurrying as fast as his eight legs will take him.  But my adrenaline was faster.  If I hadn't caught him, I frankly think I would have just sold the van right then and there.  Lucky for the Chairman, that won't have to happen.  

Thought out...  and I'm almost feeling guilty for procrastinating.  Almost....


  1. Shoulda got a video of you going after that spider!

  2. I don't like spiders ether. I like less to know they are running around my house, so I kill them, shuddering all the way.

  3. Spiders don't phase me in the least...but snakes....they are way different and creepy!!