Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Musings

Was just thinking of the blog just now in a moment of quiet and was looking forward to tomorrow since it would be Monday and I could blog!  Wait a minute!  Today is Monday!  Lucky you me!

This weekend we celebrated this sweet niece's birthday.  

They brought their dog, Clifford Mavrick.  Mavrick is ginormous and gets along famously with ours.  See?

The excitement this afternoon right before the company left was the ruckus in the corner of the garage.  At first it seemed like it might be a mouse or a gopher.  The hissing sounds made us suspicious.  After moving a few things out popped an enormous coon.  In typical female fashion, Lisi just stood there and barked at the male.  The male, Mavrick decided to take upon himself the challenge and get down to business.  The female continued to try to 'help' but mostly bark.
 After about 20 minutes the verdict was:  Big dog - 1  Raccoon - 0

I have typical girls that typically like to shop.  However, I'm not typical (don't snicker).  I mean... I'm not a typical like-to-shop female.  So out of duty devoted love to them, I took them shopping not once, but twice over this holiday weekend!  I partook of Starbucks twice to stave off headaches from the pounding sounds emitting from certain stores.  It wasn't completely successful.  But the shopping was!  We found just what someone was looking for.  I'm thrilled to have found this.  Hooray for small things.

Well I guess I don't have lots to offer up on this Memorial Day.  I remember my Grandma always referring to it as 'Decoration Day'.  No matter what you call it, it sure is a special reason to have a Monday off!  Mused out...


  1. I am not a shopper, except at the good will. I hope you enjoy your egg beater, I like mine, it is one I got at a junk shop and it pretty old. My dad's family called Memorial Day, decoration day, too. They were from Iowa.

  2. Not a shopper here either--it's once in a while thing & generally under persuasion from the younger generation here, or if I totally have to go looking for something, which is a horrible time to go. Sometimes it's a for fun with someone else trip, that's better.

    Wondering what a certain NE girl thought about the coon-0 dog-1!!