Friday, May 3, 2013

Almost Festive Friday

It's a monsoon out there.  I didn't know Dairyland had monsoon season like some parts of the world.  The grass seems to be crying out, 'aren't I green enough?'.  

I might as well let you all know about a major problem I'm having.  Are you ready?  Well...  there is a Dunkin Doughnuts on the corner right where I have to drop off son #1 to baseball.  There.  I've said it.  Baseball season lasts until the first week of August.  I'm thinking I should weigh in now and when baseball season is over.  Heh heh. 

Speaking of sweet treats.  Daughter #1 needed churros for a Spanish class project.  Every child was to bring in a food (I'm thinking Mr. H just wanted free lunch).  I love cooking.  I love challenges.  Churros looked like a LOT of work.  And grease.  So I did what any reasonable person would do.  I drove quickly to my local Costco.  I told the nice lunch-counter guy in the hairnet/hat combo that I needed 18 churros.  He tells his sidekick JoAnne (a lovely middle-aged lady) that I need 18 churros.  WHAT?  Yes, 18 churros she needs.  Oh!  I thought you said 80!  The nice thing is they made them all special for me so they were piping hot.  I took them home to cut them in half to re-wrap and I may or may not have eaten all the ones that looked a little too long.  

Here's a quote I found this morning:  "In addition to celebrating our birthday, we should also celebrate the day before our birthday, because that is the last day that we are at that age".  Actually, I think we should celebrate the gift of health, life, and true joy every day.  I'm not always good at that.  

This was funny to me.  

Actually, there have been a lot of whispers and dancing eyes and this year promises to be special once again thanks to the Chairman and the MYP.  I also get to spend the day after with my parents and someone very special to me that we only see every few years.  So thankful!

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