Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Musings

Yes, still a bit burned out on blogging.  However, a few thoughts have come to me today.  But not as burned out as the Chairman.  He's been... well... 

No he doesn't have hemorrhoids (tee-hee)  I am simply trying to imply he's burning the candle at both ends.   

I was enjoying a very peaceful and spring-like day today.  Until one of the MYP told me about a track meet I hadn't planned on attending (and they always seem so very long).  So off we went.  Lisi came too.  She's quite popular at events like this.  

A certain someone is graduating from 8th grade in our house.  She had to pick out a baby photo to show at the slide show.  She picked this one.  It's about 11 months old.  We were home from China about six weeks.  She finally mastered sitting up and beginning to crawl after being cramped in a bassinet for nine months on the other side of the world.  (insert wistful sigh)

If you have time to kill and have fifty minutes, you might want to watch this.  I found this funny.  I love clean comedians.  

Today I was feeling blue.  Then the phone rang.  Someone said a couple things in that phone call that were exactly what I needed to hear (and maybe didn't want to).  The incredible thing was that she had no idea what I was struggling with.  And there it was.  The advice and answers I needed at just the right time from a messenger without any idea of what was taking place.  Times like this remind me that we are not alone in our struggles...  it's a very comforting thing.

Well enough Musings for tonight.  The Chairman is already looking at the back of his eyelids and I want to look at mine too.  Thanks again for listening!


  1. Love the candle picture and your musings, it gave me a little lift after feeling a little blue myself.

  2. 8th graduation this Friday night! I think I shall pad my pockets with Kleenex! Eeep.

  3. Your posts make me giggle and the next paragraph will make me feel touched and thankful. You are a creative writer!!

  4. I always enjoy your musings. All kinds.
    An 8th grader here too, although not a PS one. Where does the time go?