Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

I won't call it musings because this might be more bullet-pointy than words.  Lets see what happens.

I'm kinda like a horse heading back to the barn after a vacation.  Can't get back soon enough.  Burst out the door in the driveway and run for the furry friends.  Embrace the sights of home again.  I'm very thankful for the feeling home brings.  Safety, warmth, and love.  There are some of you that willingly don't have homes.  I just hope that you can be 'home' wherever you go.  We all need that cozy feeling.

The trip.  Wow.  It was wonderful.  In every way.  We left and spent the first night at a humongous water park in Ohio.  The capacity of the water park was about 2,357 people.  They fit in 2,360 for sure.  The MYP figured out the system and got up early when the park opened and got all the rides in they wanted.

We continued our journey east and found ourselves on this farmette with four MYP and some parents that had their welcome mat glistening when we drove in the driveway.

We learned about life in a different part of the country.  We learned about cutting trees and chickens and a well-organized family that works together.  We appreciate their kindness and friendship.

Next stop was just outside of DC.  We enjoyed a special privilege so much.  There truly is 'no east or west'. After that we were kindly invited to the home of these people.

They are important to us for this reason.  They were some of the first people that encouraged us in the adoption journey many years ago since they had gone through the same struggles except that they went to Russia.  We had just wonderful heart-sharing conversation at their very open home with another family.  Yes, vacationing is wonderful.  However, the high spots are the people.

Next was a couple days as a tourist!
changing of the guard

Arlington National Cemetery

Some relatives found their resting spot there!

the President's pad
As you may know, parking is an incredible challenge in DC.  We drove in and low and behold, found a metered parking spot just one block from the White House!  But it came with a price... we returned 20 minutes after the parking time was allowed and now we have $100 less in our back pocket.

Mr. Jackson at the US Capitol was one of the best tour guides I've ever experienced
 As you can tell, we were dressed for the death march hiking that comes with touring.  We put on over six miles the first day and probably three the second.

The Chairman was so thoughtful.  It started to spit some rain and he suggested the the MYP and I just wait in the truck for a bit while he went off to explore some building he wanted to see.  He even suggested that I take a little nap.  HAHAHA.  Three kids.  In a truck.  And I'm to nap.  HAHAHA!  He's a funny guy.

About mile 4.7, one of the MYP wondered why we weren't back at the hotel swimming.

Speaking of the hotel.  We stayed at a hotel that was flawless.  It had sufficient room for our family.  Free breakfast.  Free night "supper" which turned out to be quite tasty (catered from Hooters (!) if you must ask!), free laundry.  Extremely clean and helpful people.  It was so good I went to Trip Advisor and said as much.

Tollways emptied our pockets.  Like $50 heading east and $50 heading back for home.

The cleaner the toilets, the more likely to have those little protective paper things.  I wish it were the other way around.

And now we are home!  Thirteen hours of non-stop driving by the Chairman.  His request.  Three loads of laundry down and at least three to go.  Bread out of the oven.  Lisi and Simba were in very good care while we were away.  However, they seem very needy now that we are all back.  That's ok.  I like to nurture.

Super-special days are yet ahead before we head back to the routine of life again.  Sorry this was so long!


  1. Sounds like a good trip. I agree the best part is the people you get to see on the way.

  2. hey..we're going out there in June! Glad you had a great trip!

  3. Welcome home! I've never been that direction, it would be so interesting!

  4. The need in the pets for you and the need in you for them is undoubtedly finding each other! (Does that even make sense???)
    Love that one of the MYP got to do that cool cartwheel in that cool location and that it was perfectly captured on camera!
    Nice to see pix of G&J and clan- haven't seen them in a coon's age!
    Did you happen to stop at the island along the tollway heading west into Chicago (from IN) that has the totally informative signs inside the toilet about how to flush? It was something like this (I so wish I'd gotten a pic): For #1, pull the handle upwards for a light flush; for #2, pull the handle down for a full flush. :)