Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Musings

Nothing.  That's right.  I just don't have anything to share with you on this Monday of Musings.  Really!  

The sun is almost shining and we might see 60 degrees today.  

The adorable cat keeps slaughtering birds and mice and shrews and moles and other various species of rodents.  It seems somehow 'wrong' to fill the feeder and watch him wait for the birdies to come.

I took three girls 10/11 years old to the mall for a few hours on Saturday.  One of them bought the other two  some fancy-schmancy java chip something at Starbuck's.  The combo of sugar/coffee and silly girls was just too much for them and especially me.  Luckily I was driving them home by the time the mixture hit their bloodstream.  

My darling youngest daughter told me yesterday as I kindly drove her and her sister to a friends house that my belly is sticking out too much lately.  Then she proceeded to demonstrate what it looks like and suggested she be my personal trainer to help me lose weight.  

It doesn't help that I love cooking and I love food and I'm almost 48. 

Or that last night's FB feed had the following recipes on my screen:  
"25 awesome cupcake recipes, Dorito chicken casserole, peanut butter cookie and chocolate trifle, firecracker onion rings, homemade marshmallow fluff (seriously?)"... 

The after-school schedule looks just slightly less busy that an air traffic control tower.  I can't wait for a couple of these extra-curriculars to be over.

I made my first Dutch Baby!  The family gave it rave reviews.  My new cast iron is worth its weight (tee-hee).  

I just cleaned our bathroom top to bottom.  The noxious fumes from the ammonia cleaner about made me ditzy.  Yes, I said ditzy, not dizzy.

I need to walk so the aforementioned belly doesn't grow to enormous proportions.  I have an unrelenting trainer.  

Happy Monday!


  1. Don't you just love those kids! And their comments! Hang tight to a good sense of humor, it only gets worse.

  2. Heehee--daughter is so kind to offer to help you out!