Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blogging Burnout

No, I don't think I have self-doubt.  I'm just burned out once again.  And please don't fill up the comments section on how everyone faces this at one point or another.  I appreciate your love from afar, would drink in the compliments, but I'm not looking for - or deserving of it.  

This week I'm burned out of blogging.  There I've said it.   I still enjoy reading others people's prose.  I look forward to being entertained with spectacular photos, funny wit, beautiful babies, and delicious recipes.  I just don't want to do that right now.  

I'm at an interesting point in life.  I have MYP and not little ones.  Yes, there are hilarious stories, tear-stained moments, exhilarating times, and proud-mom moments.  But I cannot share them like I once did.  Because they are young people and not little people.  They have their own lives and interests and boundaries and I want to respect them.  I don't want our MYP to fail to come to me in fear that whatever transpired or confided about might some day end up in cyber-world.  So I refrain.  Which leads to much less 'material' or whatever you call it.

Yes, the pup and kitty are still here and still scrapping and still lying beside each other with sweet devotion.  To me, they are incredibly cute.  But one can only share so many cat and dog stories until someone deems you a bit 'over the top' with your pets.  So I refrain.

The Chairman.  My Chairman.  He's as sure and steady and predictable as the sun and moon.  As a husband, that is a wonderful quality that I appreciate and love.  As  far as blogging fodder, not so much.  

What does this mean?  I have no idea.  There's a real possiblily that Monday Musings will be back in operation on... you guessed it!  Monday!  Or not.  Time will tell.  

So there you have it.  Blogging Burnout.  Or maybe it is simply the fact that I really haven't had much in my brain all these years anyway.  (Don't answer that.)  


  1. I've turned into a very sporadic blogger. Not what I wanted to be--but it does seem I can't say out loud everything on my mind. (Yeah, that's probably a good thing too)

  2. Reading your post was comforting, I feel at the same point the last week or so...parenting things I wanted to share and yet....they aren't shareable. The nicer weather also does it to me. My SIL finally told me that about myself LOL...when nice weather hits, I change modes and I don't need the computer screen and keyboard quite as much!! It's ok (I'm talking to myself here b/c I know you know it's OK!!!). Life is grand and it's so beautiful when our families capture our time and devotion like none other (well, except our Heavenly Father of course). Cheers to savoring the moments. I've half thought of opening a private blog, b/c it does feel good to have a place to write it all out and remember. Just not publicly! And sometimes it just good momma' therapy! Happy days my friend!

  3. TIll you recover from the blogging burnout you could always just post comics and quotes and such because yours are always so funny.

  4. I don't comment often, but I do want to tell you I love to read your always encourage, inspire and give me a chuckle!! So,thank you for that! :)

  5. Not trying to fill up the comment section. ;-) love checking in when you blog, and always leave with a smile.

  6. you mean it finally hit you, too? this hits me often..almost close down my blog now and again. now i'm too lazy and i've learned that on certain days i like to just blather on about this or that so i keep my blog up and running. not to say it will be forever. maybe tomorrow i'll get the energy to wrap things up once and for all. maybe not. blogging was different a few years ago..before fb..before the life got it's almost like an old friend instead of something shiny and new..and i'm beginning to like the familiarity of just a few comments now and again. i've always enjoyed the back and forth and there is simply less of that blogging now since so much more is done on fb. oh well! i still come and visit here when i'm on so you better keep on keeping on!