Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thunderous Thursday

No, I didn't take the following picture.

This is basically what I see.  Rain and more rain.  Like lots more.  Like maybe 3" more on top of the 4" we just recently got.  I doubt we hear newscasters saying how low the water table is in dairyland for quite awhile.  It's been incredibly cool too.  And just think!  In five months we'll feel the cool, crisp air of fall again!  I'm encouraging like that.

Yes, the Boston Marathon was heavy on our minds as well.  It's funny how something far away can hit close to home very quickly.  There was a friend from our area running in it.  She was close to the finish when the tragedy occurred.  Many of us worried and waited and were thankful to hear she was ok.  Just read in yesterday's paper that the MYP's pediatrician was actually at the finish line cheering on her sister.  Glad she's ok as well!  

I was at Sam's Club yesterday.  I noticed a big cart pre-loaded for pickup near the front.  It was for a local funeral home.  There was a case of soda, a box of paper toweling, and lots and lots and lots of Kleenex.  Made sense.  

Sometimes I wonder if I'm losing my mind.  Or it is slipping.  Or I'm thinking of one thing and doing another. I'm often surprised to see the cat or dog outside when I think he/she are in.  I hear the microwave beep and wonder what was inside.  I wonder about part-way through a shower, 'did I shampoo yet?'.  I hope I'm a cheerful crazy lady when it comes to that.  

Today I looked at the schedule for after school and had a wee bit of panic.  Child #1 has piano lessons and then a volleyball match at another school north of here.  Child #2 is running the scoreboard at school which is followed by volleyball practice.  Child #3 has a small choir practice and then track practice.  I realized at some points in the evening I need to be three places at one time.  Refer to the above paragraph.  Maybe that's why I'm a bit out of it.  Or maybe not.

The other day while talking to one of the MYP, I was describing what it was like to have a 6 month old, a 2 year old and 3 year old.  And I got wistful.  And emotional.  And sad.  And wishing.  Wishing I could relive a day with those little babies again.  I would love to smell the soft baby neck and wipe the little eye that had a blocked tear-duct.   I would love to pick up that chubby 2-year old boy and squeeze him.  Then as he wiggled free throw him a little ball in our small back yard.  I'd love to listen to my 3-year old say 'opio' for open.  I'd love to lay next to her on her pink-covered double bed and watch her suck her blankie and giggle about nothing.  My babies are gone.  But not my memories.  I often heard other parents tell me, 'please enjoy those days because they go so fast'.  Now it is my turn to say that.  Yes, I know I've said I love to see them grow.  But just for a day.  I'd love to go back and sit on the recliner reading 'Brown Bear' or 'Goodnight Moon' with all three little people glumped together on my lap.  

Well I need to go shopping now... 
And then walk Lisi...

And dream of a day like this...


  1. What a great post! Your accompanying photos are hilarious! Sorry about your weather- I feel almost guilty about mine :)

  2. As i type....the area schools have early dismissal...snow and blowing, are you missing those SD blizzard yet??? Well I seriously am spring here!
    PS have Lisi check out this post:

  3. I think I would rather have the rain than our days of cold and snow and wind.

  4. Great pictures! I need a laugh or two what with the blizzard going on outside and the fact we are typically planting corn on this day. I think I miss bedtime story reading the most of those little-tots-in-the-house days. Aww, yes, as they say about those years....the days are long, but the years are short. Sooooo true and now I am telling young mothers those same things.

  5. On the flip side, what your kids will be thinking in about 10 years...

  6. sniff. yes, these are the 'good old days'.