Friday, April 12, 2013

Frumpy Friday

Frumpy.  I like that.  That's how I feel.  The weather is remarkable in a bad way.  Yesterday, I took Lisi for a walk in a new condition I had never experienced.  What best would describe it is driving mist.  The 30 mph winds mixed with a light mist.  Well lets just say I was soaked to the skivvies.

Yes, it is (too) cold.  It keeps raining.  It is cloudy.  I looked at the ten day forecast just now.  It is to be cloudy and/or raining and chilly for the next ten days.  At least we have confidence there will be LOTS of May flowers!  tee-hee.  But for now, the wood stove is still burning.

When we bought our home five years ago, we didn't know we were buying lake-front property.
That is just across the road from us.  Seagulls have been swarming.  A pair of mallards have taken up residence.  If I see other pairs of animals starting to head this direction, I'll let you know to start building something that floats.

Our resident sickies are back in the saddle.  The residual cough is alarming.  

I know you all are just dying to know.  My shoulder continues to improve.  I have seen my super-clean-cut-reddish-haired chiropractor a couple of times this week.  He speaks in soothing tones right before he does his magic with moving bone-parts back where they should go.  He said my neck was out of joint.  Better than my nose I'd say...  I hear that's worse.  In fact, says it is a person that is in a bad mood because he's offended.  

We are on automatic renewal with our local newspaper.  I did some leg-work and realized I could get it for half the price through a website.  So I called to fuss and just like that!  I saved $150/year.  It pays to fuss.

The other day it was cold and drizzly and one of the MYP said that she was going out to do flips on the trampoline (yes, this is the daughter that had a broken arm recently).  I told her it was cold and wet and not a good idea.  She said, (and I quote) "I'm going outside and having experiences and fun when I am young because when you are a cranky old mom all the fun stops."  Well thank you my love.  About two minutes later, she comes bursting in the back door.  My feet are numb!  I didn't react.  I just smiled wistfully like "cranky old moms" do.  

Today is Simba's first birthday!  I am guessing about 2% of the reading audience actually cares.  He's basically sleeping his birthday away on a soft blanket.  But once we start singing and put the candle on top of the pile of tuna, I'm thinking he'll think this day is great!  

both watching the Chairman head off to make more pennies this morning
That's about all I have for you this time... time to go out once again and brave the elements all in the name of exercise.  


  1. Well then- it was the Chairman's leaving that got his attention, not his birthday! See now- that's some cat!

  2. May flowers are all we are going to have since my daffys are surely frozen in this cold weather.

  3. I'm beginning to join the majority here that think we have two seasons in NE--Winter & Summer. (And probably alot of other states too) Right now it's feeling like we might even skip over summer. Ha.
    Hang in there on the "cranky old mom" status, there's alot of us out there. ;)