Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Musings

Yes, those are thermometers.  Yes, that is a boy and a girl.  Yes, that is me with the bouffant hairdo.  I might try that once I start coloring my hair a lovely shade of brown (don't hold your breath).

The timing actually couldn't have been worse.  You see yesterday was a very special day if you know what I mean.  Luckily, there are means and ways and numbers to call for the elderly (and in our case, the sick).  So I sat down with my books and called in and listened.  I had company as these two were on the floor below me.
I was thankful for their company even though their young bodies were little steam engines.  And I was thankful that the Chairman suggested we each take a turn.  Yes, technology is wonderful.  But you can't put a price on seeing loved-ones faces and just being there.  

Yes, technology brings changes to life.  Such as getting a text message from daughter #1 saying I should bring up something to drink or eat.  I remember just yelling from my bed.  Must be too much effort.  

This illness did bring back a memory.  I had a mean mom.  Well in actuality, she was wise.  And practical.  And saw through me like a window pane.  One time I decided I'd sure like to miss school.  A big test was happening and I didn't feel ready.  So I got out the old mercury thermometer (you know the kind that you shook down and had to hold a certain direction to actually see the temperature and the kind that kill you with mercury poisoning?).  I decided to run some hot water over it and then pop it in my mouth to be certain I had a right-proper fever so my mean mother would know I needed to stay home.  If my memory serves me right, the thermometer broke and I was stricken with poisoning.  Or it registered 147 degrees.  Nonetheless, my gig didn't work as planned and I boarded the bus and faced the test.  See?  I told you she was unreasonable.

The mice in the neighborhood must think spring is here because they are on the move and getting caught by our tiger-tom.  In fact, we have three on the front porch in various degrees of parts missing.  I think tiger-tom has had so many he's just plain full, but can't help getting the next one that scurries by.

Lisi and Simba had a terrifically terrible wrestling match the other night.  There were growls and snarls and caterwauling.  I stayed out of it while they were giving each other the business.  I looked down when all was quiet and saw that Lisi had won that round.  I love how the picture turned out - the content look of the dog and the irritated look of pinned-down cat. 

Well that's all I plan to muse about today.  I thought spring was coming, but I see a good chance of snow in a few days.  **sigh**


  1. Yes! I remember says the mean Mom.

  2. Sorry you had to miss your Special day, but good thing not entirely! Has anyone else commented it a good thing the sickies didn't arrive on your trip? Have to watch out for those mean moms!

  3. Technology is wonderful! I know another mom who listened in that day for the very same reason. But you're right- it cannot really compare with being there!
    That was quite the fever you had way back then! Amazing you could survive! (And some pretty hot water...wowee!)