Thursday, May 4, 2017

An attitude of gratitude

I fully intended to be done blogging once again but today I feel very grateful for so many things.

I woke up today on my 52nd birthday.  That's reason enough to be thankful.  Life!  Then I checked my phone and saw several text messages.  These were from teens that are friends with our MYP.  They took time out of their day to text me a happy birthday and said some sweet things I won't share. Love them. 

Then a call came.  My dear 86-year old friend wanted to drop something off.  I came back from my walk and there were cupcakes and a card.  The sweetness of friendship bridging age groups is not lost with me.  

We had a lovely vacation to the Caribbean several weeks back.  High points were the serenity of the sea, good food, and sweet fellowship.  A low point was frantically racing one night looking for a doctor to stitch up our daughter's face.  Thankfully she's healed nicely and we haven't seen a bill.  

The graduation announcements have been sent.  I still am wanting to curl up on the fetal position and not believe we are here already.  However, experienced mothers tell me that the feelings of love does not change, just the needs do.  And to think we do it all over again next year.  Whose idea was it to space these MYP so close together?  Not ours but that's okay.  

Finally I want to extend the most gratitude to my dear parents.  Some of  you may be aware that they are in a valley experience.  However, my parents are the sort of people that see the grander view even in a valley.  They say and see only the good in others even with imperfections.  They see a silver lining despite dark clouds.  I love that example I've had through the years.  We have had some precious times the past weeks and will continue as long as life lets us.  

So this is enough today.  I have missed our chats and will maybe stop in occasionally for a visit when inspiration strikes.  

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  1. I've been thinking of your folks and you and decided I'd better get over here and see what's been happening. Xoxo