Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Talk on Tuesday

Well hello there!  How about a little chat this Tuesday?

I took our car in this morning and just as I was driving into the driveway of the dealership it dinged and said 'maintenance due soon'.  I'm timely like that.

I was wondering what a video would look like as I stood talking to "Xia" (yes, that's his name) and was trying with my tongue, lips, and throat to mimic the sound that comes every once in awhile from the front left tire.  His eyes glazed over and of course they couldn't find it the source of the occassional rattle.

The temperatures have fallen around here and of course my feet are like two blocks of ice under my ankles.  Low blood pressure isn't good for warm feet.  Thank goodness my feet are warm 12 weeks of the year anyway.

Today I went into Costco very hungry.  I was just going to pick up two things and rush back out.  One hour later and $210 of a cart laden with groceries I got out of there.  I may or may not have purchased a 4-pound tub of animal crackers.

I just saw a post on Facebook of all these pictures of moms jumping up in the air or making over-delighted faces over the first day of school while their children all stood nearby looking grumpy.  I'm sure some of them were staged.  But some were not.  I wonder how those kids feel of their mom being so glad for them to be gone.  My hunch is that they never struggled to get their kids in the first place.

Today was the first day that all three didn't leave for their first day of school.  Daughter #1 leaves tomorrow for her first day of classes at the nearby college.  Son #1 and daughter #2 started today.   I think these annual pictures are a very nice to have and also a stinging reminder that time marches on.
How's your insurance plan?  I hope it is better than ours.  Since the Chairman has no insurance offerings through his place of work and I can offer up nothing except a bandage for a skinned knee since I'm a stay-at-home mom, we have to search for insurance plans that don't break the piggy bank.  Well the last letter was the last straw and so we are switching companies again.  It always makes me squeamish and I hope this one works for us for awhile.  Someone should do something about medical costs.  Meeshka.

Got to spend a meal with this great crew a few days back.

Have I mentioned Lisi is showing her almost 10-year old age?  😒

We took her to the city and she loved hanging at the coffee shop with lots of admiring onlookers.

The last first day with two of them.  
This is enough.  I've got some coconut curry simmering on the stove.  Need to make sure all the trimmings are ready when the troops gather round the table.  Happy week to you!

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  1. I feel your pain on the insurance. I suppose we'll soon get our letter telling us that our premiums are going up astronomically next year, and I don't know if we can leave them because of previous medical issues. Sigh.