Monday, January 16, 2017

A little chat

There's a cold shoulder.  And an icy stare.  I think winter gets a bad wrap sometimes.  Especially when you enjoy outdoor sports and don't mind the cold.  Well today it's nasty.  Freezing rain and the roads are tentative at best.  I hope someone takes some video of people slipping because hardly nothing is funnier.

I just was running some errands and saw an older lady in the Costco lot driving on her completely flat tire.  I waved her down and when she rolled down her window the smoke/alcohol fumes nearly consumed me.  She muttered an expletive under her breath and off she went.  I doubt she goes far.  

Then I went to Aldi.  I found so many perfect things for my catering gig this weekend.  As I was leaving a mother asked to use my cart.  Then she looked into the van and said, 'Evan, give this nice lady the quarter'.  He was about two and painfully cute and said he wanted to hold the quarter.  Well she had me at the cuteness of her little boy and the fact she called me a 'nice lady'.  So off I went without my quarter.  

Did you know Costco is starting to get normal milk cartons now instead of those flat things that spill all over your counter when you pour?  I reckon they'll be selling less milk since half of it won't be spilling anymore.  Or not.

The other night the Chairman and I were alone so we decided to go out!  We went to a nearby greasy-spoon place that sells delicious Greek gyros.  Then to Menard's and Home Depot.    Don't ever say romance is dead after twenty-two years.  

My name is Linda and I finally have to admit something.  Our son is a redneck.  He's been mainly raised in suburbia.  He's been nurtured and encouraged to love and respect all ways of life.  However, his deepest love is the country and anything that has to do with hunting, fishing, and what-not.  He already has warned me that he doesn't intend to stay near the city when he grows up.  I say power to him!  I can't wait to go visit him wherever he chooses to live and work.  

When you're trying to sleep, why is snoring so annoying and a cat purring is not?  I spent a few moments the other night trying to figure it out and I haven't yet.  I do not love the cat more than the Chairman so that is not a reason.

"You know you haven't shaved your legs in awhile when you feel the hairs on your leg billowing in the breeze when you walk outside."  I won't say who said that but I will say it made me laugh.

And finally, I saw this quote recently and liked it.  I don't know who to give credit to and I'm too lazy to look it up.
"Preach the gospel at all times.  When necessary, use words."  

So this is enough.  I'll add a few pictures at the end and wander off to continue my day.

Our UPS man always leaves a treat with the box.  I would rather he leave me a doughnut.

Was a beautiful day to hit our little ski hill Saturday.  

Don't ever say I'm not a fun mom.  I let her make fried pickles.  

YUM!  These fresh-squeezed-out-of-the-chicken-eggs are the bomb.

If I don't answer a text within 28 seconds, the MYP almost panic.

Um.  This is partially true.  I love asking him a yes/no question and hear him say slowly "uh-huh" behind the newspaper.


  1. The only problem with no Monday Musings, is now you have to think of titles to your posts. I laughed, "husbands not listening", January Monday, and 'romance after 22 years.' Sound like an ideal date to me :)

  2. YaY for your son. Hope he chooses Nebraska! :)

  3. I come here for the funny pictures. 🤗

  4. (Well, not really. But I do enjoy them.)