Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Musings

Well I might as well stick to the old title of Monday Musings since it's Monday and I'm Musing.  The MYP were actually making fun of me last week.  They heard that I resumed blogging a bit and they thought I was doing this:
Image result for fishing for compliments.  

I sure hope not.

I didn't think I would be able to post pictures today because I was having issues importing them onto our desktop.  So I contacted Apple and they called me back and just as we got through the pleasantries of how my day was going - voila!  (do I overuse that word?) they were importing.  "Rachel" giggled a bit and said "I'm sure glad I could help you!".  So I said enthusiastically, "Thanks so much for all your help!"  I hope I made her Monday.

Last week I successfully gave blood.  I walked in and went through all the steps and background info that is needed to be a donor.  I passed my iron level by a .1.  Yes you read that right.  I squeaked by with .1 to spare.  Then "Jess" said as I headed to the donor area, "would you mind if we used someone in training to stick you?"  I was wondering if she thought I looked super-nice, or if she thought I was a jerk.  No matter I hesitantly said "yes" and "Sarah" came over.  She was a large lady with a small tattoo on the side of her neck with a strong smell of cigarette smoke.  I was uneasy but chattered along while she fumbled with the plastic tubing and bags.  Long story short after the initial poke (and blood dripping down my elbow), it went ok except the raisins were stale at the snack bar.

Last week I also had my annual mammogram.  As I drove there I was thinking, this could be a very worrisome day with more appointments or it could turn out to be the best day ever.  Well I was at the test center for only 20 minutes and in that time I had a breast exam, a 3D mammography, and an all-clear result and she sent me on my merry way.  I love that there's a radiologist right there waiting to read results.  And I love even more that I have an all-clear again.

A few days ago I spent 2.5 hours in the car driving the youngest of the MYP to two kinds of lessons.  I sure hope she's getting better at what all these lessons are for!  I was complaining talking with her on the last leg of the journey about how much time we had spent in the car that day and she said, 'well in just a little over a year this won't be happening because I'll be able to drive myself.  Reality bites sometimes.

I took Lisi to a pet store and turned around to find that she was shoplifting.  How embarrassing!

I always think our cat and dog look cute together.  But I'm really biased.
Lisi loves when I lie down by her.  I may or may not like it too.

We had another extra-special privilege this weekend.  I am trying my best to get work done ahead of time so I'm not a "Martha".  This time it worked.  The time together was precious.  She came a stranger and left a dear friend.

Ok time for the smile section.  Happy week ahead!

well not quite...


  1. Love your quotes. Fishing for compliments will eventually stink. Hee Hee

  2. I do that too.....the picking up the string and putting it down in front of the vacuum... ( not the hitting the offending snorer with a shovel ) Sheesh! Ha ha ha.

  3. All of those (except the one about the mom and money - I don't remember if Mom have us money or not!) fit me!

  4. Well the shovel one - that's a bit extreme. But when you're on a night train and the guy that was drinking earlier is now really sawing logs - some of my less nice feelings bubble to the surface. Grrrrrrr