Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Words on Wednesday

I'm sitting here in my fuzzy-blue bathrobe and it is nearly 11 in the morning.  Don't judge.  It's just that I've gotten a lot accomplished and it is warmer than clothes.  However, I think a shower is in order as soon as I've typed some prose.  I've made coffee.  Fed a few people breakfast.  Fed the dog.  Fed the cat.  Made five loaves of cracked wheat bread.  Looked at Facebook a couple times.  Unloaded and cleaned out under a bathroom cabinet.  And swept the floor.  Riveting morning, eh?

I've been on a rampage to get some unattended things taken care of around here.  Yesterday was the mudroom.  I'm ashamed to say we've been here about eight years and it was a mess above the cabinets.  I cleaned and sorted and purged and found old pieces of candy from 2014.  And now it looks and feels much much better.  So today I'm doing under sink cabinets in the house.  It's amazing how I've been getting a literal bag of garbage from each room.  Lovely.

I was making a kale/kefir/hemp and chia seeds smoothie the other day.  Son #1 asked, "what did you do that makes you feel you need to punish yourself with something that gross?"  He had a point.

Did you know my name is something special?  I read that it is the trendiest name out there - ever!  Apparently in the late 50's and early 60's many many people chose the name Linda for their baby because of a couple songs that were written.  I'm on the tail-end of the trend.  When I was younger, I must admit I didn't like my name much at all.  The older I get the more I like it.  And today I can say I really am glad that's my name.  Thanks mom and dad!  Even though my name doesn't begin with a "K" like my two siblings or that I'm not named after any family member.  I'll get over all that after a few rounds of therapy.

I took a dog breed selector quiz and it said that I was a perfect match with a golden retriever.  Go figure.  I told Lisi that so she appreciates me a bit more.

How often do you go out with your spouse?  I'm talking about those with MSC (many small children) or MYP (many young people)... do you have a date night once a week/month/year?  The Chairman and I may be sneaking away for a day soon.  I'm not sure why but I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

So that's about all there is from me this week.  Not too riveting but I do think I better get a shower done before the MYP come home and want to admit me to an old folks home.

How we walk with the broken speaks louder than how we sit with the great


  1. I like the name Linda; it is my mom's name.
    We hardly ever go out now that we are empty nesters and food isn't the same for me anymore.

  2. Your son's comment had me laughing...I love his perspective!!