Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Well it's Wednesday

Greetings from the Chairman and Co.!  How are you?  I'll try to just have a few bullet points for you today of things that have rattled around in my head.

* Our winter has been a complete bust if you desire snow.  We hear glowing reports from other areas of the country but seem to fail to get anything significant here.  So we stare at brown lawns and hope for an early spring.

* I wish there was an emoji for a person smiling with a tear because that's how I feel very often.  Son #1 just asked for me to send him four pictures representing stages of life and so I went digging through the photo albums.  And I was smiling with tears once again.  I mean seriously, if you have little ones, don't blink.  However, I am so so thankful I love the little ones -  now big ones just as fierce.

* The Chairman and I snuck away for an overnight last weekend.  The last time we went somewhere alone was ten years ago so it seemed time.  I figure next time we go we might be grandparents and I'll be using a walker.  Or not.  We both agreed it was too long so maybe, just maybe, it'll be in five years instead of ten. 

* On our way home, I received a couple texts asking/informing us that a couple extra teenagers would be coming shortly.  So we went from utter peace and solitude with us two to a house of five teenagers and a lot of chatter and commotion.  And do you know what?  I love both just the same.  This picture actually has six since we invited another over for Sunday.  😊

* I ran to Aldi yesterday,  on Valentine's Day, to pick up a few things and noticed a buzz around the flowers.  I saw there was a two/one special on flowers and they were $1.99!  So I bought them and brought them home and texted the Chairman to save his few nickels.  I'm so cheap romantic like that.  Not a bad bouquet for $1.99! 
* I had a great privilege just a couple days ago.  My friend and I were both moved to go visit our friend that was nearing the end of her journey.  We just didn't realize how soon.  We got there and saw that she had labored breathing but seemed comfortable enough.  She couldn't respond to us much but we said a few things.  As I stood there I realized whatever I said would be my last words to her.  Whatever you say seems so insignificant.  Words truly fail.  Thankfully the Spirit does not.  The text came just two hours later that she was gone into eternity.  I personally never heard her complain though life wasn't very easy for her.  I'm thankful for people like her that will continue to influence me long into the future.

So this is enough.  I would add a few little 'funnies' I saw this past week, but it doesn't feel like the time nor the place.  

Have a great week ahead.  Will touch base with you soon!

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  1. May your house welcome all comers. Including cheap flowers.