Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

I keep thinking I'd like to have a visit with you but there never seemed to be a time for it.  Well now no excuses!  The Chairman called that there's an accident on the freeway so he's working late.  The MYP are also all gone for various reasons.  So this is my chance!

I was just shopping today and noticed yet another mother with a little babe in the cart.  The whole time she was pushing the cart she was scrolling through Snapchat.  I thought she was looking up a coupon or something - but no.  I so wish I could have walked over and told her to pay the little one some attention, but I don't like confrontation.

I currently know eight people in various stages of fighting the awful disease called cancer.  It seems like every time you turn around you hear of another friend, neighbor or family member.  Is it the food we eat?  The air we breathe?  The phone we carry?  What in the world is making cancer so prevalent?  And as I said before not too long ago, I hate no man.  But I do hate cancer.

I recently purchased some Marmot brand lightweight khakis to use for walking, yard work, etc.  My dear, sweet daughters were looking at them and then they started calling them the "Zookeeper 5000's".   I asked, "why are you calling them that?"  They said they looked exactly like what zookeepers would use and they are the "5000's" because they're name brand.  Plus they look like they could hold a lot of monkey treats.  Kids have such a way of humbling you.

I just spent a couple days chalk painting an end table to get it up to date from 1994.  I love how it has turned out.

When I get in the car to go to a regular destination I go to each week the screen comes alive and tells me exactly how long it will take to get there.  It's kind of spooky and neat at the same time.

Dogs are such a joy.  Such a reward.  And so beautiful.  Just look at that face below!  But I think the thing most people don't think about when getting a dog is the poop-scoop clean-up duty that drastically needs to be done after the snow has melted.  I wonder what she's thinking as she stands there watching me scoop all that stink?  Good thing she's cute.  Or I'd sell her to the lowest bidder.
And then there's the cat.  This morning as I was quietly reading I heard a weird, frantic fluttering on the back window.  I hop up and see our cat with a huge mourning dove in its mouth.  I don't think he realizes they are a sign of peace.  I could see the sheer terror in the bird's eyes as he was frantically trying to get away.  I open the door and there's feathers flying everywhere.  So I whopped the cat on the head and off the dove flew.  I've saved at least six birds from death so far.  For some reason the cat kills and eats rodents, but birds he brings alive to the window so I can thump him on the head and he releases them.
Aren't old pictures just the best?  I mean how often are you going to see matching plaid vests like that?  Meeshka!  By the way that's my siblings, my sister's husband to be and his younger brother that always hitched a ride to South Dakota.  
So I'll look at my pictures and see what's on the camera roll:
happiness is a ukulele with a friend

happiness is celebrating a friend turning 40 with her sweet daughter

happiness is an indoor climbing wall 

i like this

I've been doing a lot of this lately

One of the MYP sent this meme to me.  For some reason it tickled about every funny bone inside of me
So this is enough!  Happy weekend to you!


  1. I guess it isn't just Nebraska then....I quit counting, it's depressing.

  2. I was kind of rejoicing inside that I hadn't been on Caring Bridge in months. And then BOOM it just exploded. And a few more in recent days who aren't on there. One is my aunt who has pancreatic Big C and she's been coexisting with it for more than 2 years now. This is nearly unheard of with that kind and that at least makes me happy. But the rest - Who really knows where it's all coming from. Pollution and ingredients in processed foods are high on my list of suspects. I don't think God is going to let us beat death this way. Maybe it's as simple as that.
    And I like that monkey treats comment. BwaHaHa! 😎