Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Feeling hot hot hot...

Hello there!  I was busy this morning clearing out cupboards.  There's some in the garbage pile.  Some in the Goodwill pile.  Some going downstairs to the 'dirty room' as the MYP call it to wait and see if I need it again.  I'm sick of filtering through stuff I don't use all the time.

Why am I doing this?  Spring cleaning?  Well it is spring and I like things tidy.  But no.  The catalyst is because I got a new stove/oven this past week.  It's kind of like getting a new throw pillow in the living room and suddenly drywallers and paint experts are coming in to redo half of the house.

Last week I had a lot of bread orders.  And part-way through one day the oven just chirped and shut down for the second time in a month.  I texted the Chairman and may or may not have used the word "HATE" and yes in all caps.  He was home about three hours later and we both had come up with the same oven choice of all that is on the internet!  I took that as a good sign and whipped out the credit card and bought it sight unseen.  It was delivered and so far it has churned out many a delicacy from dense, whole grain bread to fluffy-white dinner rolls to molasses cookies to brownies to baked pork chops with dressing.  You get the idea.  I'm so very happy so far.

My mom texted me that I was more happy with this new oven than I would be with a car.  She knows me well.

So!  Lets get out of the kitchen.  I was quite unwell a week ago.  All signs pointed to a possible peptic ulcer.  Then I realized I was drinking a bit too much apple cider vinegar every day and probably was causing my own misery.  Lesson learned.

I was driving by this guy yesterday and he was driving a bit too slow in the left lane and seemed kind of zoned out.  I started making the assumption that he was probably on some form of a drug and that's why he was driving so sluggish.  I get to a place I can pass him and there he was with one of those dollar-store wooden back scratchers in his right hand and he was basically giving himself a nice, relaxing back scratch in the left lane.  Take it home boy and do it on your La-Z-Boy!

We got a packet about graduation this week.  There was a waiver to sign for the parents so that they would behave at the graduation properly.  Really?  If I refuse to sign it can I get all crazy during the pomp and circumstance?  I have a hunch the Chairman wouldn't allow me to get too wild.  The one thought that came to mind though as soon as I was reading all the material was that truly the days are long and the years are short.  We missed the first nine months of this child's life but I don't think that is the reason why the time has felt so short.  Sniff.  Waah.  Blubber.  Snort.

Well this is enough for now.  See you next time!


  1. I don't have kids but I've done that face..................

  2. Once upon a time when my kids couldn't find a thing I KNEW was there, I would threaten a spanking. It was amazing them how easy it was to find. I'm glad I didn't have to follow through on that one!