Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday Musings

Well hello there!  It's Monday and I'm going to Muse!

We are getting some serious snowfall today.  I was out running a bunch of errands like any non-sane person would do on a very snowy day.  I got to wondering what people do for small talk when you live in an area where the weather never changes.  At each and every stop, everyone I talked to mentioned the weather - for good or bad.  The roads.  The beauty or awfulness of snow in March.

One of the stops was taking Lisi to the vet.  She's had this weird lump on her side that is slowly growing and I was suspicious of cancer.  Well the initial report came back that there are no cancer cells.  Hurray!  And the secondary report from the vet was that she thought Lisi was incredibly loved and gets plenty of attention.  I think someone should tell Lisi that when she gives me the stink eye for not walking her the moment she thinks it is time.

I'm very talented.  I hope you were aware of that.  The past week I cut myself pretty bad not once - but twice on the same finger.  Lets just say as soon as I said 'oh no!' as I stood by the kitchen sink, two of the MYP took off at break-neck speed for a bandage and cream and the other ran for the stairs and simply yelled back, 'do you need to go to the ER?  I'll drive if you do.'.  Just a hunch but I don't think she should look into nursing as a career.

We had friends over yesterday for a meal.  It always makes my heart glad to share our home and meals with those we care about.  However, right after everyone left I realized there were mouse guts on the rug of the door they all walked through.  It's slightly horrifying but I'm glad that the cat caught another mouse.  And I'm glad no one stepped on it and walked through the house with mouse guts on their shoes.

Linda's Luscious Loaves has been a busy business the past weeks.  I had to go to the health food store today to buy rye flour, molasses,  and caraway seed in bulk.  I'm glad people think it's tasty anyway.

I have a half of a pig coming to me within a week.  Well actually, it's been to market and will be coming home jiggety-jig.  So it will be in white butcher paper.  I digress.  Anyway, I have one big chest freezer that is almost full and two refrigerator freezers stuffed to the gills.  So I need to be disciplined and stop going to the store and bringing more food into the house so I have room for Porky.

Last year I very randomly filled out a NCAA bracket and the word last night was that I tied first place with my brother.  I had no intention of doing it again but when I'm tied for first place and my brother is involved... I'll be filling out another one this year for sure.  Sibling rivalry is alive and well!

This is enough.  Lets look for a few pictures.  Have a good week!

Lisi is glad she doesn't have to wear a back-less gown waiting for the doctor


  1. I'm on a goal to reduce the amount of food in MY freezer. I think I have 6 whole chickens in there! And then Jim asks if we need more beef. NO!!

  2. If the dog wants to answer the door, let her! 😎