Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Musings

Did you know that after I showered this morning -  I walked into my closet and put on my crabby pants?  Yes, I saw them sitting there and decided today would be a good day.  And I've worn them all day.  I hope to take them off soon and not see them again for a very long time.  I think the other people that live under this roof would agree.  I just love Lucy.  Not that Lucy.  This one.
A man came to tune up our riding lawnmower today and now it works just horrible.  He's reputable and has good reviews and knows his stuff and suddenly it looks like a super-bad haircut.  So I called and he's returning bright and early in the morning.  I think this has a little something to do with me feeling crabby.

Since you didn't ask I'll let you know that my toe now is a big believer in the buddy system!  My little broken little piggy that went 'wee wee wee all the way home' now is good friends with the little piggy that 'had none'.  I'm thoughtful like that.  I think not being able to walk for days has a little something to do with me feeling crabby.

We currently have four teenagers living here.  The addition has been a wonderful addition in every way.  He's somewhat quiet, funny, relaxed, helpful, orderly, and polite in every way.  I'm so glad he's spending the summer with us.  He has nothing to do with me feeling crabby.

However, with four teenagers (and actually five now starting tonight for a couple days I reckon), the groceries are flying out of the cupboards and freezers at record pace.  Maybe because I'm feeling like I'm always cooking or shopping has a little to do with me feeling crabby.

And now I'm going to start blowing bubbles up here on my soapbox.  Yesterday, we were hearing about a person that had passed away and the comment was mentioned, 'he was the adopted son of so and so'.  That made me privately crabby.  If he was adopted, he was their son.  Period.  End of sentence.  That one almost gets me as much as 'real mom'.  Yes I'm the real mom.  Yes, the Chairman is the real dad.  If you're trying to think of another term it would be 'birth mom or dad'.  That doesn't make me crabby.  Just a little uncomfortable.

See that little fella on the left?  It's his 17th birthday tomorrow.  I just marvel at how this little 8 pound gift we were given is now this humongous almost-adult.  I would love to gush about him a bit but if he read it he would probably pick me up in one quick swoop and toss me onto the sofa like he's done before more than a few times.  I think of it as his form of a hug.  Heh.
Here he sits by his grandpa because they share birthdays just days apart.
So this is enough Musing.  Hopefully next time I'm not so crabby.  

Saw this quote lately and loved it.

If God is making you wait, then be prepared to receive more than what you asked for


  1. Your writings are so entertaining!

  2. I use bio mom/dad. And--I'm a real mom to a bunch of kids.

  3. Very belated happy birthday to T and Grandpa!