Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Not so crabby pants

Well I put my crabby pants into the laundry and haven't seen them since.  I'm so glad of that and so is my sweet family.

Speaking of laundry.  I just finished the laundry of one of the MYP and there were count them 31 pair of underwear in the basket.  If my math serves me right I haven't seen her laundry basket for nearly a month.

I'm a "homemaker".  Some people think we usher off our family to their places of work or school and then sit around eating bon-bons and reading romance novels.  Usually I do things that are noticed.  I buy groceries for the cupboards and cook nutritious meals and pack lunches for the masses here.  Laundry.  Vacuuming.  Lots of yard work.  You name it.  My family is very appreciative - especially the Chairman.  But today I did things that are not noticed.  I cleaned out the produce drawer.  I emptied the central vacuum tub and got the filter clean as well.  And the biggest deal was the dryer lint hose that leads to the outside.  It was nearly completely blocked.  So I "youtubed" it and figured out how to get it clean (with a yard blower no less!) and voila!  No more fire hazards at the Chairman and co.

And!  The happy news is that we get some special guests this week and that leads me to clean corners.  The sweet ladies that are coming don't care one iota if I cleaned the corners.  I'm sure of it and you could even ask them.  But I want them cleaned for my own peace of mind.  I think I vacuumed up no less than nine spiders so that's worth something, right?

My toe.  Oh my toe.  My poor little toe that went wee wee all the way home.  It was all better and it was ready to get back into normal shoes and act like a right-proper pinky toe.  Until I partially jammed it tonight.  I didn't say or even think any naughty words.  However I yelled 'oh good grief!'.  And so we will be hopping back into the Birkenstocks again tomorrow.  (heavy sigh)

We were at a simply gorgeous wedding reception this past weekend.  The groom and bride are adorable.  Their personalities are lovely.  Their priorities straight.  And the wedding reception was wow-worthy.  We sat outside under these pretty little lights and enjoyed a yummy meal in great company.  And then the wind hit and the rain and it made a simply gorgeous wedding reception quite entertaining watching people race this way and that gathering up the gifts and hauling the piano out and grabbing anything that might blow away.  The silver lining in the storm cloud was we all retreated into the safety of the house and got to watch videos of the actual wedding, their honeymoon, and the video shown at the actual wedding.  It was a super-fun evening.

The Chairman is having a birthday Sunday so if you see him, be sure to say very loudly, 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY!'.  He likes lots and lots of attention.  (heh)

I'm too lazy to post pictures so these words will have to do...


  1. No wonder you don't have energy to post photos, you've been chasing spiders.
    And, nothing like company coming to spur on a corner cleaning!

  2. Ah- and belated happy birthday wishes to the Chairman, too!