Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Red/white/blue Musings

Greetings on this 4th of July!  I just had a most miserable walk.  It may or may not have something to do with the fact I drank 18-20 oz. of iced tea shortly before I left.  Whew!  I made it back just in time.

I noticed that so many have their American flags displayed today.  It looks so nice!  We have a cape cod-style house and it just 'looks right' to have ours displayed all 365 days of the year.  I wonder if people think we're extra-zealous about the 4th holiday?  Or maybe they think we're super political.  Or maybe they just think we're too lazy to take down our flag like some are too lazy to take down their Christmas lights.  Or maybe I was just bored and over-thinking the whole flag thing.

We aren't going to the fireworks tonight.  The reason is we went to the big ones in the big city last night.  And tonight the two working guys want to be in bed by 9 so they can hop out of bed when the alarm sounds at 5:15.  I won't argue with their thinking.

I was quite amazed again and the huge crowd.  One article says that it draws nearly a million people.  And those "million people" all drive cars so it is quite exciting when we are leaving.  I digress.

I am amazed that so many get out of their chairs and drive downtown and park and walk blocks and blocks and blocks and sit for several hours noshing on snacks waiting for darkness to fall.  And then the booms and ahhs and brilliant lights fill the sky.  It all seems so simple in our technology-driven world.  It was just nice to see large families gathered together waiting for the tradition to start once again.

Twenty-three years ago tonight the Chairman looked deep into my eyes in the middle of Minneapolis Minnesota and said 'will you be the Chairman's wife?'.  Actually, he simply asked me to be his wife which I said "yes" without hesitation.  I created the "Chairman's wife" title just to make me seem more important.  Heh.

My toe is 89% better!  Thanks for asking!

The cat is 75% better!  Thanks for asking!  He came down with some weird fever/respiratory thing.  I vacillated between thinking - let nature take its course or utter worry about 'my toddy-toddy'.  I would have taken him to the vet yesterday but they were closed and he's on the mend.  I'm glad I saved $200.

Someone said the two happiest days of a boat owner's life are the day he buys the boat and the day he sells it.  Today anticipation was high to go have fun on the lake.  I stayed back to get some things done here before I joined them and got a text 'there's a problem'.  Uh-oh.  So no boating time today but thankfully we have friends with beautiful ponds and rope swings and the day was not ruined.

I'll take the time to see if there is a picture or two to post.  Happy 4th!!!💥

He read the directions and she did the haircut.  😱

the Chairman celebrated birthday #49 with cheesecake!

a nephew and the dog


pre-fireworks games

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