Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Words this Wednesday

I'll try to make my words few.  I don't think anyone likes reading too much these days. 

The other day I was wishing I had a new hairdo.  Most of my friends also have long hair and I was thinking it would be fun to spend a few hours together sometime and each of us help the other come up with a new hairdo or two.  Definitely lunch would be included.  I might just ask a few trusted friends to see if I'm still on my rocker with that idea.  Some do spa days.  We could just bring a dish to pass and some hair pins! 

I am OCD in case you were interested.  I have such a love/hate relationship with puzzles.  We started a 500-piece one the other day.  I was getting so close to getting it complete and went to bed.  Woke up at 3'ish with some heavy things on my mind and wandered out to the living room to finish it.  Only took until 4:30 and I was also able to mentally sort out some of the heavy things and went to bed.  I have another one ready to start.  I'm scared to because I will once again work until it's done. 

However!  I did just put a Rubik's cube back to it's colorful order!  Youtube is amazing.

Have I told you about the Instant Pot?  Oh I have?  Can I gush again about how much I love it?  Venison roast is fork tender.  Homemade macaroni and cheese is creamy, delicious, and done in just minutes.  Soups?  No matter the kind, they are delicious.  Honey sesame chicken?  Oh my!  And I just steamed up nearly a dozen farm-fresh eggs and the shells slipped off with ease for a big bowl of egg salad after just a few minutes.  You'd think my house would be spotless for all the time I'm saving.

Speaking of food.  I kind of like to bait and switch on Facebook just to get a giggle out of some comments.  I sliced up some liver yesterday for our dinnertime meal.  It came from a convention meat day and I knew the quality would be good.  Well my Facebook friends are quite passionate about liver in a really, really bad way.  But what's not to love?  There's first bacon fried.  Everything is good with bacon!  Then some onions done in the bacon grease.  Then you add the lightly dredged liver.  It was actually almost good.  I eat it because my iron levels struggle to be in the normal range.  And the flavor takes me back to my growing-up years when we would sit around the table and watch my dad eat it down like it was delicacies for a king.  There is one caveat.  I ate some of the leftovers this noon and it wasn't quite as appealing.

Our son just ordered eyeglasses off the internet for literally a fraction of the cost of ones you can buy at an eyeglass store.  If you see him running into walls, that probably means they sent the wrong prescription.

Yesterday our dear Lisi celebrated her 70th birthday.  Or tenth if you count it in people years.  She's aging before our eyes.  She groans even with joint medicine.  She sometimes doesn't want to hardly go on our daily walks.  She's already outlived Lincoln - our first golden - by four months,  I hope we still have a year or two with her.  Yet it is hard to see our sweet golden girl show signs of aging.  She probably is thinking the same thing about me.

I've been made aware of late about someone that passed away.  Someone that is struggling with a new diagnosis.  Some that are struggling with their marriage.  Some that have added a new baby to their family which brings joy as well as exhaustion.  I so wish I could "fix" or "help" the issues others are facing.  But all we can do is tend our own garden.  And hope our branches go over the wall. 

Chat with you later. 


  1. I've been away from social media a bit...and so it was pretty sweet to find three posts to catch up on...I love words and reading and such, so don't think your blog is monotonous or not worth a read. I enjoy it. I really love your Dad's " we must keep the standard" I can picture him saying it. It has touched my heart and I agree with him and it's given me fresh purpose to do my part in fulfilling it!

  2. I've been out of the loop as well. I wonder how the new hairdo came out. Mine seems to be a success.