Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday Musings

Good morning!  Or afternoon or evening or whenever you happen to be glancing at the Chairman and Co.  I'm not sure how much I'll Muse.  Depends on when the timer goes off to make the dough into rolls and bread.

After I had some thoughts last Thursday, the MYP and I headed into the city to do a return and shop a bit at some stores.  It was a brutally windy night.  We parked in the middle of the parking lot away from all cars (and lights) since I wasn't wanting a door ding.  We ran hurriedly into the store.  One of the MYP had an uneasy feeling being in there.  Suddenly, there were flashing police car lights and a lot of excitement next door.  So being the safety-conscious mother that I am, we all went over there to check some bargains and see if there was something worth looking at.  Sure enough.  One guy in handcuffs.  Lots of police people looking serious in their blue uniforms.  Apparently a theft had just happened.

We leave and get home just as the Chairman returned from work.  I see a message light flashing on the home phone.  I listen.  The Chairman starts saying, 'what is he saying???'  Apparently I left the car unlocked in the parking lot in our hurry.  Apparently there were three suspects, not just one.  Apparently the two suspects were running and tried the door to our vehicle to hide in it from the police.  Apparently they jumped in to hide.  Thankfully, the police saw them.  And apparently they are in custody and we didn't have extra passengers on our way home.  Whew.  I may or may not have thought this might be something to blog after it was all said and done.

Our high school team made it to the championship game!  We wanted to go cheer them to victory and so we did.  We were not effective because victory was not won.  However, we had a very suite (pun intended) deal.  It just happens that daughter #2 is friends with Mr. Bigshot's granddaughter in the place where the championship game was held.  Like there are books written on him.  He's often mentioned in our local paper.  And he has an office overlooking the entire stadium with a balcony, sofas, and other luxuries.  We know this because we were escorted in to meet him and other important dignitaries.  They gave us wristbands and an open tab to enjoy in the suite.  It afforded us to watch the game in a perfect climate rather than the snowy, frigid temperatures out there with the minions.  It all pays to know someone.  Heh.

it snowed! 
I am so very guilty of this:
I like this:
 This morning I looked outside to see if the bus had come yet.  It seems Simba was helping son #1 watch for it.  He's such a golden-retriever of cats.
I like to think I've taught our MYP something about bargains.  However, daughter #1 showed me she's far-exceeded my frugal ways.  She found a pair of Cole-Haan's that had a regular retail of $268 for... a penny.  Yes, a penny.  That's all she paid for her latest shoes.  I couldn't tell her they were out of her price range.
So I have a lot of ducks (or rather one big turkey) to get in a row before Thursday.  I'm so glad it is coming soon.  I'm so glad we can host it.  I will be so glad when it is over.  I didn't say that, did I?  Heh.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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  2. Happy Thanksgiving to all those in your house on Thanksgiving Day.
    And don't let any thieves in.