Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Musings

Well good Monday Musings to you!

Thanks to loyal peeps, we hit the 200,000 page views by the end of last week.  You all deserve a coffee on me!  Sorry we live so far away from each other.

I just got back from getting a bunch of food to fill the shelves again.  Did you know young, growing people have hollow legs and sometimes arms?  Did you know I've always secretly wanted to be a check-out person at a grocery store?  Did you know that I almost always will choose the self-check line because I like to scan my own goods?  Did you know I have memorized a lot of the produce numbers already?  Wow!  I deserve a raise for a job I don't even have!

Well we had lots of ghosts and goblins and goobers show up at our door on Saturday evening.  In fact, we almost ran out of candy this year.  For some reason, the Chairman really likes to hand out the treats.  He answered every time the doorbell rang.  I even have proof.  The irony is not lost that the man who was raised on very little sugar and still thinks sugar is very bad for people is quick to jump up and put sugar-laced treats in the plastic pumpkins with a smile.
The Chairman says "I love you" in so many different ways.  Sometimes it is a verbal "I love you".  Sometimes it is a call that says, "did you make it home?".  Sometimes it is jumping up and helping me unload the dishwasher when he was settled in a comfy chair.  Sometimes it is telling me I'm pretty when I don't feel like I am.  And sometimes it is in a little gift left behind.  When we were close to running out of candy the other night, I heard him say, "I left something on the table for you that you like."  I found this.  He knows me well after three-days shy of 21 years together.
Am I weird to feel ambivalent about getting a different vehicle?  I like my tried and true van.  The Chairman likes to show me different options we could consider.  He even brings one or two home at different times.  They are beautiful.  They have shiny paint and glossy wheels.  The leather seats are blissfully comfy.  And I still love my van.  I'm not into changes and with nearly every vehicle trade, I've almost shed tears.  Well to be honest, I actually did shed tears once some years back.  But that's another story.

I just bought some new facial cream.  The package screams, "look ten years younger in four weeks!!!"  So if you see me a month from now and I don't look forty, please take me aside discreetly and gently tell me to get a refund.

Well this is enough.  Lisi has a way of 'knocking' on the window with her paw.  She's been looking through the pane giving me the dirty-double-dog stare as she waits for me to lace up my hikers.  The weather is promising to be beautiful the next few days so I better make tracks while the sun shines.

More Musing on another Monday...


  1. Way to make me spew coffee out my nose when I read the shirt's message!!! So.funny!!!!

  2. I worked the cash register at a nursery and craft store while I was in college. I loved it! And I, too like the self check lanes. :-)