Friday, October 30, 2015

Freaky Friday

A bonus Muse!  And nothing too spooky here.  I guess I titled this "Freaky Friday" on account it is Halloween tomorrow.  There will be ghosts and goblins and goobers showing up at the door looking for handouts once again.  However, there will be something very different here at the Chairman and Co.  No one is frantically looking for costume ideas!  No one is trick-or-treating!  It's kind of depressing as I liked to be alone with the approximate 14 pounds of candy once the MYP had to return to school.  So much for my gaining weight plans.

Yes, we've moved on to the next chapter of life.  With two of the MYP gainfully employed, lots changes.  Like time together as a family of five.  I guess it is a part of the weaning process from your children.  But I don't like it.  I wanted them to get jobs and experiences!  I wanted them to flap their wings and explore options in life.  But I miss them when they are gone.  One of the MYP had a situation where they were scheduling her too much.  I think working 25 hours/week plus trying to do homework and eat and sleep is too much.  She thought so too and had to speak up.  Whew!  She keeps her job (which she does enjoy) and won't be gone so much.

I'm a slobbery sap though.  Yesterday in the car, some song on the oldies country station came on that had absolutely nothing to do with children flapping their wings or life changes or anything, yet it reduced me to bleary-teary-eyes within moments.  The reality of life changing and the eventual fledging of our family isn't lost on me.  Sniff.

Yesterday, I drove out to see my parents and met my slightly older sister there.  It was a lovely time.  We dined on liver and lefse and it was served up with a lot of love.  It was most pleasant.  Except the liver.  I had requested it since it was something I hadn't eaten in approximately 27 years and I know my mom makes it at times.  It still tastes like liver.  Good in a very awful sort of way.

I saw a post about separating your bananas so they don't ripen so fast.  I'm doing a test right now with some still clumped and some separated.  I see no difference.

So tonight, the Chairman and I are alone again!  We have an anniversary coming next week and were discussing what our plans should be tonight.  We could go out to a nice dinner in a quiet restaurant and reminisce about our past and talk about the visions of our future.  Or we could go to our local high school football playoff game that promises temperatures in the low 40's with a bit of a breeze.  I'm thinking we should put on our long johns and cheer on the team.

The Chairman made me chuckle right before he left this morning.  He said, "well if we go out somewhere to eat, I'm going to want to pick a place that serves food that tastes homemade.  Once you know a skill like cooking, you might as well use it."  Yes, my friends, that is my dear Chairman.  I couldn't have made up that quote if I tried.  He's such a lovable dear.  And yes, I'll probably cook up something that is his favorite and we'll head out to the bleachers after to celebrate our love.

Happy spooky weekend!


  1. I have a Big Smile for paragraphs #4 and #7.

  2. I like(d) liver. I don't think I would any more since the texture would trump the taste. We ate it at home. It was probably cheap. I remember the days...not knowing who would be home to eat supper, Remembering to some for them and sometimes they would eat it, and sometimes not. And if I didn't save any, then they would want it. We are alone for supper more times, WAY more times, than not.

  3. I still use that pic of your youngest MYP and her trick-or-treating haul to illustrate what it's like! I'm still glad I stole it! The students are always in awe!