Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday Musings

That doesn't sound very good.  Tuesday Musings.  I better stick to Mondays from here on out.  I was just a bit over-busy yesterday making pumpkin cookies and granola and chicken gyros and trying to finish up some yard work.  Then I realized I should have been blogging and decided I better redeem the time and actually work instead of type mindless blather.

Thanks for standing by!  And coming back again!  You're not alone.  I just checked the latest stats.  There's been 199,411 page views of this blog so far!  Kinda cool to be hitting 200,000 by the end of the week!  Maybe I should have a party.  Seven years ago on October 21, I wrote on Facebook wondering if I should 'quit the blog and just do Facebook instead'.  I'm glad the blog is still in my life.

So what's new?  I just found out bacon causes cancer.  That's really sad since I have a closet love-affair with Nueske bacon.  If you have not tried it, you must.  There's no substitute.

Here at the Chairman and Co. we believe in a work ethic.  We have encouraged our MYP to seek out employment as long as it doesn't drastically affect grades and more important things.  Well two out of the three have landed jobs and seem quite happy with them.  The third is only 13, so we'll give her a break for a bit.  She does babysit so that should count for something!

Last night her basketball team was playing a team from the town of Erin.  The team wears kelly green uniforms, have kids on the team with white-blonde hair or red, and one of the girls names is appropriately named "Kelly".  Me thinks they embrace their Irish roots.

We were invited to dinner the other night and there is a toddler that lives at that home.  I forgot how utterly entertaining and spontaneous and emotional and unbelievably adorable toddlers are.  It reminded me of this that I saw:
Here's a couple other things that made me smile:

There are so-called heroes out there.  People make heroes out of people that play sports or are on movie screens or save lives.  This lady I went to visit is one that I would love to emulate.  I won't say much about her because she wouldn't want me to.  She's a frail and small lady that is a pillar of strength.  She was happily married until her love passed away.  She had a very open home for years and years.  She has children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren that have chosen the best things in their lives.  She doesn't complain.  And she makes me desire to have what she has.  I think that's the quality of a hero.  But don't tell her I said that about her.  
Well the work never stops and so I must quit typing and actually do something.  I'm so glad you were patient and stopped by even on a Tuesday or Wednesday or whenever you happen to be here.  


  1. I read your blog from Feedly updates so my peek at your blog doesn't show up for you! Decided to go directly to your blog this time so you can get another count. :) Always, always enjoy your musings!

  2. That is a special lady. She usually remembers who I am even though I'm a very sporadic visitor over there.

    And your avocado saying cracked me up.