Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Whimsical Wednesday

Lisi and I just returned from our daily walk.  As we approached a humongous moving van on the other side of the subdivision, she perked up as there were a bunch of moving guys in there stirring around.  As we got closer, she started to walk closer to the trailer.  One guy in his 20's with strawberry-blonde hair and a ready smile said to me, 'wow!  Look at that cutie!'  Then he added 'the dog is cute too!'.  I honestly didn't know what to do.  So I said, 'sure... thanks!'.  Since our age difference would mean that he is old enough to be one of my children, I will not take offense.

What a beautiful fall day here in Dairyland!  It seems like each and every year I pause and take the same picture of the same tree that is beautiful year after year.  Nature is so beautiful.  And quiet.  And does what it is supposed to without trying to be noticed.

You can almost smell the pumpkin-spice in the air!  Have you noticed just how many things are being marketed with pumpkin-spice?  I think Starbucks probably started it.  This morning I was at a large grocery store and saw pumpkin-spice bagels and cookies and candy and tea and yogurt and coffee creamer and jello and Pop-tarts and ice cream...  Goodness!

I noticed recently that certain clerks are required to say the same thing over and over and over again each day.  Here is a sample from various stores:

"Would you like that on your Red Card?"
" Would you like cash back?"
"Did you find everything you need?"
"Would you like that sandwich as a basket meal?"
"Are you ready to check out?"
"Could I take that from you?"
"Paper or plastic?"
"Did you push the green button?"

I'm thinking when they interview people for positions, they should just ask those people to repeat their store's phrase 467 times in an hour to see if they have the stamina.

I'm a terrible homebody.  I marvel at people that get super-excited to go on trips.  I get super-excited when I look at the calendar and don't know when we would ever leave town next.  Maybe that's a good thing.  Or not.

Well this is enough for now.


  1. I'm trying to think of something funny and witty to have said to Mr Moving Van. Like maybe You should see my husband and kids!!
    Or Wait till you see our cat, Sonny!

  2. Laughing both at your Mr. Moving man story and Anita's comment! Funny, funny!

  3. Laughing both at your Mr. Moving man story and Anita's comment! Funny, funny!