Thursday, November 5, 2015

What I didn't know...

Here we are!  Twenty-one years ago today, this was the beginning of the Chairman and Co. 

For being nearly thirty and having been on my own for some time, I thought I was very informed and saw the future through rose-colored glasses.  And in some ways, I was right.  But in some ways I was very wrong. 

There were many things I didn't know that were in our future.  

I didn't know that moving to Dairyland would be so wonderful.  It took nearly a year, but my roots are deep and I love "home".

I didn't know that we would lose a sister and a daughter to untimely death.

I didn't know how my heart would enlarge and that the Chairman's family would be my own.

I didn't know I would have my own family living and mere hour or two away instead of five or nine hours away.

I didn't know about cell phones or social media or blogs or the World Wide Web.

I didn't know just how many dear friends of all age groups I would have when I moved. I am blessed with dear people.

I didn't know we would create our family through the miracle of adoption and that our family would be unique. 

I didn't know what a golden retriever was and that now we are loved by our second pooch. 

I didn't know that I would actually like skiing.  It seemed frivolous and scary.  

I didn't know the Chairman would agree to a cat in our lives.  

I didn't know that we would someday be happy campers with a trailer.

I didn't know how much love multiplies.  

I didn't know the Chairman would be be such a wonderful dad to our MYP.  I had a hunch though..

I didn't know how much more I would love the Chairman today than I did then.  Life's experiences can make bonds stronger.   

So as we look to the unknown future, we really don't know much.  But this one thing I do know.  Life's good days are brighter and sad days more tolerable when you have your love and best friend by your side.


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  2. Happy Anniversary! I enjoyed your list! Life unfolds before us a day at a time ... so perfectly!

  3. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary. We are getting fairly close to 50 and the years grow sweeter and sweeter together. Life's joys and sorrows make you thankful for the one by your side. Janie Faber