Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday Musings

See?  I still can Muse on a Monday!  I promise not to be outrageous or controversial.  Since I last had my fingers tickle the keyboard, I've been sick (insert a collective 'ahhh too bad!').  It was just a 24-hour bug of the room spinning when I would open my eyes and in turn feeling quite nauseous.  There's a couple silver linings in being ill.  One.  You really value feeling good once the sickies have past.  Like you feel like jumping over the moon even if you're not a cow.  I was in such a happy mood the next day.  Also, if you have children, you can see what they actually can accomplish without you involved.  I had supper kind of lined up and the MYP finished it all off and put it on the table.  Nice.

There's been a lot of icky news in the world lately.  It seems the older I get, the less I'm tuned in to what's happening out there.  And do you know the result of that?  I feel better.  There's so much to distress.  To discourage.  To pull at the heartstrings.  And there is very, very little I can do to change the outcome for less-privileged people.  But there is one thing I can do.  I can tend to the needs of the ones closest to me and make a difference there.  So that's what I'll keep doing.

Speaking of which.  I've once again struggled with my job.  No, I don't have a paying job.  And that's my struggle.  I sometimes wonder how to react when people say, 'oh, you don't work?'.  Um.  No.  Not at all.  Thanks for asking.  But I started to think about what I do here for not working.  Here goes:  cook, baker, launderer, house cleaner, chauffeur, physiologist, nurse, referee, interior designer, plumber, electrician, general handy(wo)man, pet caregiver, accountant, clothes shopper... I'll quit since you get the point.  No, I'm not trying to justify my unemployment.  I am glad to see that I have job security and love the benefits.

So Lisi celebrated birthday number 8 recently!  After she ate and did her business, I had her come in and pose for a picture.  She is such a goof.  All I did is grab my reading glasses and took a picture. She would have sat there for 20 minutes like that if I asked her to.
She had a very rough day on her birthday.  She laid on my legs and relaxed on her dog bed and got a can of wet beef/cheese/bacon dog food for her supper.  I think she would have lapped it up if the can said, 'garbage scraps'.

There was also another birthday.  Our friend Mr. Chicken Farmer turned 50!  They've been dear friends of ours for 21 years.  If Mr. Chicken Farmer only had one dime left in his pocket, he'd give it to you.  That's the kind of guy he is.  I'm glad for good friends.
Well my Musing brain is empty (no shock!).  So until next time!

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  1. It's a job, when you manage a home and the people in it!!