Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday Musings

Good Monday Musings!  I will just post a little brief one today.  I checked my "notes" page on my phone and haven't written anything down since I last blogged.  Must be that there's nothing in my brain worth sharing.

Well this happened this morning.  As he handed over the paperwork for his temporary drivers license I kept thinking that it wasn't very long ago we were eagerly awaiting his birth.  It wasn't that long ago that he was saying 'oh oh mommy' in the quietest tone from another room.  That meant he had dumped a bin of flour, pulled out all the toilet paper, or tipped over a plant and there was dirt all over the carpeting.  
Life with all these teenagers is fraught with emotions.  I feel like I'm staring at the emojis some days.  I am seeing happy, really happy, sad, angry, distraught, sick, and loving within minutes of each other.  And enough about me!  Heh...  

I just saw this on my camera roll.  The other night I was trying to get one of our daughters out of my bedroom so I could go to bed.  Another of the daughters captured it for the ages.  Apparently she didn't want to leave. 
Please stop running out to your mailbox every time the postal worker comes.  I don't think we will be getting holiday cards out this year.  I figure we've sent them each year for the past umpteen years and your bulletin board is full enough.  So if you want to see us this year, look at last years picture and squint a bit.  And then imagine that we look a year older (and hopefully wiser) and the MYP are an inch or - in some cases five inches taller.  Thank you for your understanding.  Next year one of our MYP will be getting her senior pictures (gasp!).  I am hoping we could get a few family shots then as well.

So this week ahead will be full days of family, friends, food, and fellowship.  My side of the family will all be together with the exception of two who are called to be elsewhere.  I loved this quote because it kind of sums up my feelings this year.  

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and will stop by next Monday to Muse a bit before the New Year rolls around!  

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  1. I was never big enough to carry someone out of my bedroom!!! HA, there were times I wanted to.